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B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Learn B2B Content Marketing Strategy From the Content Marketers Who Do It Best

Great content builds trust and authority and has the power to drive prospects away from competitors. Discover how to implement a
B2B content marketing strategy that drives impactful results for your business with our educational B2B content marketing resources below.

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B2B Content Marketing Articles

Ready to produce great content that speaks to the unique needs of your target audience, amplifies your brand’s share of voice, and helps you dominate the conversation in your industry? Find the latest strategies, tips, insights and content ideas to help you create content for your B2B brand in our collection of articles written by the experts themselves.

All the Content Marketing Services a B2B Business Needs

Our content marketing expertise is focused on the content types that really move the needle for B2B businesses and allow us
to speak to the needs of the decision-makers in your industry
at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

B2B Content Marketing

Don’t settle for an agency that does everything and anything, ultimately lacking the specialized B2B expertise you need. At Konstruct, business-to-business content marketing is our forte.

We know the ins and outs of B2B sales cycles, allowing us to create a content strategy that nurtures your prospects throughout their entire buying journey. Our content marketing efforts are focused on creating content that drives profitable outcomes for B2B businesses to ensure content marketing success.

SEO Content Marketing

There’s no point in creating great content if hardly anyone sees it. And what’s the best way to get more eyes on your content? SEO.

Search engine optimization is our claim to fame here at Konstruct. We don’t just create great content that is valuable to your target audience, demonstrative of your expertise, and high-converting. We also know exactly how to write your content to appease search engines so you can skyrocket above your competition in the search rankings and boost your organic traffic.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn can be a powerhouse tool for B2B lead generation, but only if you have a solid content marketing strategy in place.

At Konstruct, our social media experts know how to capture the attention of your target customers on LinkedIn, stopping them in their tracks as they scroll through their feeds. We can help you use LinkedIn to grow your audience and share of voice while staying top of mind for your prospects and existing customers.

Social Media Marketing

While LinkedIn is the obvious choice for B2B social media marketing, other social media platforms can prove to be just as powerful for connecting you with your target audience and helping you generate leads.

Let us help you assess your social media opportunities to establish a strong presence on the social media channels where your target audience is actively scrolling. When your potential customers are ready to convert, your business will be the obvious choice to meet their needs.

Lead Generation

What good are content marketing campaigns if you don’t have the increase in qualified leads to show for them?

At Konstruct, we don’t just focus on increasing your volume of leads, but we also make sure that you move the right people through your sales funnel to get the maximum ROI from your marketing investment.

Proven Content Strategy Expertise for Your Business Type

We’ve produced impactful content for clients in all of the following B2B business types so you can feel confident trusting our experts with your content.

B2B Digital Marketing

When it comes to B2B content, the experts at Konstruct are tough to beat. We know B2B marketing strategy inside and out and have an abundance of B2B success stories to show for it.

Industrial B2B Digital Marketing

We help industrial clients adapt to their increasingly millennial audiences by producing engaging and valuable digital content that puts them miles ahead of their competition.

Franchise B2B Digital Marketing

For franchise businesses, our content creation is focused on targeting different locations to help them grow their digital presence in all of their service areas.

eCommerce B2B Digital Marketing

We help eCommerce businesses drive more traffic to their product pages while building brand awareness to make their prospective customers eager to convert.

B2B Shopify Digital Marketing

We know the ins and outs of the Shopify platform and exactly how to create valuable content that makes customers click “add to cart”.

B2B SaaS Digital Marketing

We have proven experience keeping up with the fast-paced and complex environments of B2B SaaS businesses to increase the volume of quality leads for subscription-based SaaS products.

B2B Enterprise Digital Marketing

Massive sites mean massive amounts of content. We have the frameworks in place to produce impactful and optimized content at scale to keep your marketing campaigns on track.

Account-Based Marketing

We partner with B2B sales teams to nurture new and existing clients and help businesses access prospective clients beyond their current reach.

B2B Tech Marketing

Not every content marketer can write content that resonates with buyers in the B2B tech space. At Konstruct, we have the processes in place to write tech-focused content that drives traffic AND converts.