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Your B2B business is complex but we’re more than ready to jump over its hurdles.


“At the start of this engagement, Konstruct Digital didn’t have much experience with our industry, but they have proven to be quick learners. I’ve been an engineer for 40 years, and now I sometimes think they know more than I do.”

Force Heavy Equipment Repair Office Manager

“Their huge knowledge is the most impressive thing about them. We’ve gone into the engagement without knowing anything about how to be more accessible online…

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Pi Engineering Project Administrator, Laura Combden

“We’ve enjoyed working with Amanda and her team at Konstruct for many years. They’re knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, make a huge impact on our online…

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DMG Events Marketing Specialist

They really know what they’re doing. I know some companies talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Konstruct Digital, on the other hand, delivered. I worked closely with the digital…

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We Compete Hard

We’re basically the Muhammad Ali of Digital Marketing.


“Our monthly website traffic has increased and our goal completions are up over 50% YoY. We also are performing at the top of our peer group for SEO results on the list of key word groups that we have deemed most critical for our prospect base during search.”

Ohana Care Chief Marketing Officer, Sean Conroy

“Metrics are up across the board in terms of conversions, conversion rates, organic traffic, and impressions thanks to Konstruct Digital’s work.”

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OpsGuru Marketing Manager, Luci Prieto

“We definitely saw a huge increase in terms of users and sessions on our website. Our ad clicks went up, and the costs went down…

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Can’t We Just Get Along Counselling Co-Owner, Douglas Evans

“We’ve seen a 136% increase in SEO and organic traffic since they started. Paid through traffic has grown by 1,127% over a year, and…

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We Take Partnering Seriously

We’re the Robin to your Batman.

Ohana Care Health Services

“They’re always here for me. I’ve hired a few different agencies like this, and Konstruct is much more organized than our previous vendors were. Additionally, a lot of the other vendors had automated processes they would put us through, and that didn’t feel personal. Konstruct’s personal touch stands out to us.”

Jonas Construction Director of Marketing, Oren Falkovitz

“Since the start of the engagement, Konstruct has worked with us to understand what is important to us, and help us grow our web presence. Working with them feels like…

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Roseman Corp. Owner, Milton Bogoch

“We’ve had a long-term partnership with Konstruct Digital, and they’ve maintained the standard of communication throughout the years. Tryphena does a great…

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Wheels Training Centre Owner, Garry MCconnell

“Not only was their work impeccable, but the team also produced what we had envisioned. They understood our goals and they did a fabulous job creating and designing our website…

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We Sweat the Small Stuff

& the medium, big, and enormous-sized stuff.


“Konstruct Digital’s project management has been great. They’ve met the timeline they gave us, and their project manager always kept us apprised of the status of the project. They send timely emails, too. We also use online meetings via Zoom to communicate.”

Shane Homes Marketing Project Lead, Chelsey Tattrie

“Konstruct Digital is our partner for both SEO and SEM. They are an extension of our team, and are so great to work with. We started working with Konstruct for our…

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Accomsure VP Business Development, Dalmy Manan

“Konstruct has been incredible to work with. Their staff are hard working, very easy to communicate with and are constantly on the ball. They make a point of always…

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Wise Tech Corp Managing Director

“Konstruct Digital’s efforts have been instrumental in doubling the site traffic for one of the client’s customers in a year. The team is excellent at communicating and…

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