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A B2B Social Media Agency That Actually Knows How to Do Social for B2B

Don’t settle for an agency that will fill your social media channels with worthless fluff. We’re the B2B social media experts you can rely on to boost your brand’s credibility, wow your target audience and dominate the conversation in your industry.

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If your B2B business doesn’t have a consistent and impactful social media presence on the platforms where your target audience is most active, you’re missing out on key opportunities to connect with and persuade today’s B2B buyers. To ensure that your brand is top of mind when your prospects are ready to make purchasing decisions, your business needs to dominate the conversation in your industry. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you show up consistently on the social platforms that matter most with thought-provoking and helpful social content that stops your target audience in their tracks, effectively widening your sales funnel and pushing more buyers along the path towards conversions.

Maestros of B2B Social Media Marketing

There’s no doubt about it, content creation for a B2B audience requires finesse and the strategies used for B2C social media marketing just don’t cut it. Fortunately, business-to-business marketing is our forte. Our content marketing specialists know exactly how to craft compelling B2B social content to make your brand stand out in your competitive industry.

Easily Digestible Content for Complex Topics

Complex, technical subject matter doesn’t have to be snooze-worthy. We help you cut the jargon and engage on a level that will really resonate with your audience. Our social media specialists work closely with your subject matter experts to create technically sound content that leaves readers wanting more.

No Fluff, All Impact

When B2B brands post “fluffy” content to social media platforms, they not only waste time on content that does nothing to move prospects through the funnel, but they also risk alienating their audience. At Konstruct, we don’t do fluff. Our strategies are focused solely on creating valuable B2B content that resonates with your intended audience and elevates your brand’s reputation.

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There’s No Industry Out of Bounds for Our B2B Social Media Consultancy

With experience across many complex industries, our social marketing team has built winning social campaigns for a diverse list of B2B businesses.

Canadian Food Safety Group
Canadian Food Safety Group

The B2B Social Media Marketing Services You Need to Amplify Your Brand

Social media is a great way to elevate your other digital marketing efforts. At Konstruct, we’ll help you reach your social media marketing goals with targeted social media campaigns that get you the results you want. We go beyond the surface to create on-brand content that not only resonates but also educates and informs your audience so they’ll always see you as the trusted partner they want to work with.

Social Media Strategy

You can’t win the Superbowl without a game plan nor can you win the social media game without a proper social media marketing strategy. We’ll conduct a deep dive into your social presence, carry out competitive analysis, and build a customized social strategy that’s aligned with your business goals.

  • Comprehensive Competitive Analysis
  • Relevant Social Media Channel Selection
  • Extensive Topic Research
  • Innovative External Promotion Strategy

Monthly Social Content Calendars

Our content marketing experts will create a calendar of organic posts that eloquently capture your brand voice, focus on your business priorities, showcase your expertise and show your audience that you have the unique solution for their challenges. When it comes time for your target audience to finally make a purchase decision, your brand will be the first thing to pop into their minds.

  • Captivating Content Creation
  • Extensive Hashtag Research
  • Regular Social Media Scheduling
  • Ongoing Topical News Reposting
  • Effective Customer Engagement

Custom Social Media Design

If you want to make a lasting impression on social media, you need powerful visuals that’ll ensure your brand isn’t easy to forget No boring images here – our exceptional graphic designers will deliver creative that tells a visually impressive story that truly represents your brand and encourages your audience to read and interact with your posts.

  • Enticing On-brand Social Creative
  • Captivating Animations
  • Exceptional Video Editing

Get a Custom Proposal Based On Your Business & Market

Kickstart Your Journey Towards Social Media Results That Put Your Business On Top

Whether we work together in the short-term, long-term or not at all, we guarantee you will be happy you took the time to speak with us.

Our Social Media Results Speak For Themselves

See how our social media marketing services have our clients shouting our praises from the rooftops.

Proven Digital Marketing Expertise for Your Business Type

We’ve produced impactful content for clients in all of the following B2B business types so you can feel confident trusting us with your own content.

B2B Digital Marketing

When it comes to B2B content, the experts at Konstruct are tough to beat. We know B2B marketing inside and out and have an abundance of B2B success stories to show for it.

Industrial B2B Digital Marketing

We help industrial clients adapt to their increasingly millennial audiences by producing engaging and valuable digital content that puts them miles ahead of their competition.

Franchise B2B Digital Marketing

We write content that targets different locations to help franchise businesses grow their digital presence in all of their service areas.

eCommerce B2B Digital Marketing

We help eCommerce businesses drive more traffic to their product pages while building brand awareness to make their prospective customers eager to convert.

B2B Shopify Digital Marketing

We know the ins and outs of the Shopify platform and exactly how to create a digital marketing strategy that makes customers click “add to cart”.

B2B SaaS Digital Marketing

We have proven experience keeping up with the fast-paced and complex environments of B2B SaaS businesses to increase the volume of quality leads for subscription-based SaaS products.

B2B Enterprise Digital Marketing

Massive sites mean massive amounts of content. We have the frameworks in place to produce impactful and optimized content at scale to keep your marketing campaigns on track.

Account-Based Marketing

We partner with B2B sales teams to nurture new and existing clients and help businesses access prospective clients beyond their current reach.

B2B Tech Marketing

Not every content marketer can write content that resonates with buyers in the B2B tech space. At Konstruct, we have the processes in place to write tech-focused content that drives traffic AND converts.


“At the start of this engagement, Konstruct Digital didn’t have much experience with our industry, but they have proven to be quick learners. I’ve been an engineer for 40 years, and now I sometimes think they know more than I do.”


“Konstruct Digital has been outstanding in terms of project management. We have weekly calls and they always update us on their progress, plans, and everything they’ve accomplished so far. This makes it incredibly easy to work with them. ”

How to Build Brand Awareness with Your Social Media Accounts

If you want to elevate your brand, you need to constantly strive to keep your business top of mind for your target audience. Social media offers a great opportunity to amplify your digital marketing efforts to build relationships with your existing and potential customers and ultimately expand your brand awareness. 

If you’re unsure how to go about this, working with a B2B social agency is a fantastic start. A good B2B social media consulting agency will help develop social media strategies to build your brand awareness on the right social channels for your business. They’ll create content that’s relevant and interesting for your target audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey and ensure that you’re posting frequently enough to make an impression on your followers and grow your audience. 

Here are some tips for building brand awareness for your b2b business on social media: 

  • Have a presence on the social channels where your target audience is most active.
  • Ensure your social profiles are optimized and include relevant information about your company, products and services.
  • Actively share relevant content on your social media pages.
  • Tag related people or businesses in your posts.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your business, industry and audience.
  • Share valuable resources such as white papers, ebooks and case studies that educate your audience.
  • Link to your latest blog posts.
  • Share company updates and achievements on your social channels.
  • Include high-quality, on-brand images and videos with your social posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B social media marketing?

B2B social media marketing is a content marketing strategy that focuses on social media targeted at a business-to-business audience. B2B social media marketing offers a great opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and speak directly to your audience’s pain points in interesting ways. It allows you can develop more personality for your brand and communicate more directly with prospective customers.

Why is social media engagement important for B2B?

Being active on social media is important for B2B as it presents an opportunity to build brand awareness, establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry, and interact on a more personal level with your audience. Posting regularly on social media can also show prospective customers that you are an active and reputable brand that they can trust to deliver quality products or services. 

Which social media is the best for B2B?

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for most B2B businesses. It’s often considered to be the leading social channel to showcase thought leadership and network with like-minded decision makers who would be ideal clients for your business. Many marketers will also attest to LinkedIn being the best platform to generate leads for B2B companies. It may also be valuable for your business to establish a presence on Facebook or Twitter, depending on the specific audience you are targeting.

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How much does it cost to work with B2B social media agencies?

The cost of working with a B2B social agency varies depending on your goals and the scope of work required. The posting frequency, channels used, content and design work are all factors that will determine the total cost of B2B social media services.