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B2B Lead Generation Agency

The B2B Lead Generation Agency You Need to Keep Your Sales Pipeline Overflowing with Leads

When you need to expand the traditional reach of your sales team and elevate your brand awareness, we’re the B2B lead generation agency you can trust to attract and nurture high-quality leads for your business.

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The B2B Lead Generation Agency That Gives You (Almost) More Leads Than You Know What to Do With

It’s no secret that the world is changing rapidly when it comes to B2B sales tactics. Have you kept up with the changes? If you feel like digital is a second-class citizen in your sales process, it can be challenging to know where to focus first in order to transform your sales and lead generation tactics. By working with a lead generation agency that understands the B2B sales cycle, and better yet, understands complex industries, it doesn’t need to be. Cue Konstruct! We’re not just some data processing centre that will spit out a list of prospects that makes no sense for your business. Our lead gen experts will work with you to implement campaigns to attract and nurture the right prospects through your sales funnel and bring marketing-qualified leads to your sales team.

We’re Inbound Marketing Champions

B2B decision makers today don’t want your interruptive sales tactics of yesterday. With our B2B lead generation process, we’ll cast a wide net using a combination of non-invasive tactics including SEO, content marketing and paid ads to extend your brand awareness and cultivate qualified leads.

Marketing Qualified Leads Are the Name of Our Game

When it comes to amplifying your sales efforts, you need a demand generation strategy that will nurture the right prospects for your business, not just anyone and everyone. Leads mean nothing if they don’t make sense for your business. Our data-driven approach ensures that your lead gen efforts target the right prospects instead of maximizing the number of irrelevant leads.

Complex Industries Are Our Playground

We relish opportunities to tackle lead generation for complex industries. When it comes to technical sectors that require more intricate knowledge and expertise, we’re the lead generation company you can trust to build a targeted lead generation strategy that will not only nurture but convert leads. There’s no subject matter too complex for our lead generation experts.

Let’s do something great together.

Conquer Your Sales Goals With Our B2B Lead Agency

Most lead generation agencies promise to catapult your business growth, but we have the client success to prove that we actually have what it takes to make your desired business outcomes happen. We’ve implemented successful lead-generation campaigns for all of the following clients.

Cloud Migration Services
Canadian Food Safety Group

The B2B Lead Generation Services
You Need to Widen Your Net

If you want to future-proof your business for a changing generation of B2B buyers and decision-makers, you need to elevate your marketing efforts in the digital world. You need lead generation strategies that help you maximize your brand awareness and build long-lasting relationships with your prospects so that you remain top of mind, always. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to lead generation strategies. Each business is different and we’ll provide tailored recommendations that align with your goals and budget.

Lead Generation SEO

When you invest in SEO, we understand that you want more than just organic traffic — it’s conversions that you’re after. Our SEO experts will help you find impactful search opportunities that will not only increase your organic traffic and brand reach but, most importantly, bring qualified leads to your business.

  • Powerful On-page SEO
  • Effective Off-page and External SEO
  • Comprehensive Technical SEO

Lead Generation Content Marketing

At Konstruct, we understand complex industries and we have the experience to produce impactful content that speaks directly to your audience and converts them to qualified leads. Our content specialists work closely with your subject matter experts to perfect your brand voice and nail your expertise while building brand awareness and enhancing your reputation as a thought leader so that you’re the brand your prospects know and trust to meet their needs.

  • Compelling Blog and Article Content
  • Persuasive Website Copy
  • Captivating Social Media Marketing
  • Effective Email Marketing

Lead Generation Paid Ads

B2B sales cycles are long and complex. We know what works for different business types and industries and have a proven track record in the B2B PPC sector to help you increase your volume of qualified leads all while ensuring you enjoy the maximum return on ad spend. We’ll get you past the gatekeepers to target the right decision-makers directly.

  • Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing
  • Effective Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Enticing Display Advertising

Lead Generation Website Design

Your website is one of the most important representations of your brand and a powerful lead generation tool that you can’t afford to ignore. At Konstruct, we create websites that are not only visually impressive but also optimized to support your marketing goals and elevate your brand.

  • Extensive Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Effective Information Architecture
  • Seamless CRM Integration

Get a Custom Proposal Based On Your Business & Market

Kickstart Your Journey Towards Lead Generation that Puts Your Business On Top

Whether we work together in the short-term, long-term or not at all, we guarantee you will be happy you took the time to speak with us.

Some Lead Generation Agencies Chase Leads, We Nurture Them

You can’t snag the big fish without the right hook. Here’s the evidence you need to see that we have the right tools to help you skyrocket your business growth.

Proven Lead Generation Expertise for A Variety of Business Types

With our 10+ years of experience, you can rest assured that you’re not signing up for amateur hour. Our seasoned digital marketing experts have worked with many different business types to drive profitable results that change business trajectories.

B2B Digital Marketing

When it comes to optimizing B2B sites, the experts at Konstruct are tough to beat. We know B2B marketing inside and out and have an abundance of B2B success stories to show for it.

Industrial B2B Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing agency has helped many industrial clients transform the way they engage their increasingly millennial customers by making their business the industry leader in their digital space.

Franchise B2B Digital Marketing

We help franchise businesses grow their digital presence in multiple different locations by optimizing website structures, setting up local listings, and more.

eCommerce B2B Digital Marketing

We have the expertise required to help eCommerce businesses guide more customers through the sales funnel by driving more website traffic, building brand awareness, and more.

B2B Shopify Digital Marketing

We know the Shopify platform inside out and have run successful digital marketing campaigns that have resulted in substantial increases in sales.

B2B SaaS Digital Marketing

The SaaS industry has the most unpredictable search behaviour of any industry. Fortunately, the experts at Konstruct have helped multiple SaaS clients drive quality traffic to their websites with our proven SEO strategies.

B2B Enterprise Digital Marketing

Enterprise companies have massive websites and many agencies shy away from the challenge. Not us. We have experience implementing advanced SEO strategies at scale to drive growth efficiently.

Account-Based Marketing

We’ve worked alongside B2B sales teams throughout North America to craft highly targeted outbound campaigns that increase brand awareness and open the door to sales otherwise outside their current reach.

B2B Tech Marketing

The B2B tech industry is constantly evolving. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust. We revel in the challenge of the fast-moving tech space and know exactly how to keep your business ahead of the pack.


“At the start of this engagement, Konstruct Digital didn’t have much experience with our industry, but they have proven to be quick learners. I’ve been an engineer for 40 years, and now I sometimes think they know more than I do.”


“Konstruct Digital has been outstanding in terms of project management. We have weekly calls and they always update us on their progress, plans, and everything they’ve accomplished so far. This makes it incredibly easy to work with them. ”

What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is the process of identifying ideal customers for your business, nurturing their interest, and attracting them to buy your products or services. It forms part of digital marketing strategies targeted to a specific audience to build visibility, brand awareness and interest from prospects. There are numerous ways to generate leads including content marketing, SEO and paid advertising.

Our Unique Approach to Lead Generation

At Konstruct, we believe in a holistic approach to lead generation that includes non-disruptive inbound marketing tactics aimed at keeping your reputation intact, extending your brand awareness and helping you build long-term relationships with your existing and potential customers. To us, it’s not just about gathering a list of potential customers for your sales team; it’s about targeting the best leads for your business and nurturing them along the decision-making journey. To do this, our approach involves diverse marketing strategies including content marketing, SEO, website design and paid advertising. We want to speak to your target audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey and continuously leave a breadcrumb trail for your prospects to find you and realize that you’re the best company to solve their challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need lead generation?

It’s impossible to grow your business if you aren’t increasing your customer base and consistently filling your sales pipeline. It’s important to target every level of the buyer’s journey so that you can nurture leads through every stage of your sales funnel. When you implement lead generation strategies, you have an opportunity to increase your brand awareness and build trust and credibility with your target audience to increase their interest in your company. This will keep you top of mind for when they’re finally ready to make a decision, they know that you can meet their needs.

Why should you partner with a lead generation agency?

Lead generation agencies will use tried and tested methods to help you meet and exceed your sales goals. They have the knowledge and experience to understand what will work for your business and industry and do the leg work in creating targeted campaigns to get you the best results. You’re so busy with managing your business, that you don’t always have the time to try new methods to nurture and capture leads and this is where a lead generation company comes in handy. They can save you time by removing the task from your busy hands and bring leads that would normally be outside the traditional reach of your sales team.

Let’s Drive Impactful Results Together

What does a lead generation company do?

A lead generation company works to acquire leads for clients. The agency will work with you to identify the target customers and develop strategies, including creating engaging content, implementing paid ads campaigns and ensuring best SEO practices, to increase traffic to your site and convert web users or website visitors to leads that are interested in buying your product or service.