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Matt Cox standing with his arms crossed

Matt Cox

Multi-channel Strategist

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A serial digital entrepreneur and pioneer, Matt’s career has taken him through several startups including a brief stint managing a digital marketing agency in Norway, a fact of which he never tires of telling people.

Matt’s two decades of diverse digital media experience gives him a unique strategic perspective, and he is an expert at crafting highly effective multi-channel digital-first strategies, with a special passion for B2B account based marketing of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing clients of all sizes.

Amanda Thomas smiling

Amanda Thomas

Seo Strategist

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If you ever found yourself on a Geocities band fan site in the mid 90s (anyone remember Matthew Good Band??), you may have seen some of Amanda’s earliest digital work.

Since this time though Amanda has focused on becoming one of Canada’s leading authorities on all things SEO. Her exhaustive knowledge combined with 15+ years experience give her a unique ability to craft successful SEO strategies for clients large and small. A thought leader in the field, Amanda’s work is frequently cited in leading digital marketing publications.

Joel Messner smiling with a flames jersey

Joel Messner

Client Marketing Manager

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Joel is a man of many talents. At one point in Joel’s storied career he was a portrait photographer. And a news reporter. And a sportcaster. He’s also able to recite exhaustive performance statistics on the Calgary Flames, a skill he’s rarely asked to demonstrate.

As head of our marketing team, Joel lives and breathes a single word: results. Joel is passionate about driving his team to generate growth for his clients using his sweeping knowledge of SEO, paid advertisement, and social tactics.

Valerie Sergienko flexing

Valerie Sergienko

Account Manager

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Valerie holds the office record for excessive use of the word “sexy” in a content meeting. A fitness fanatic fueled by coffee and digital marketing passion, Valerie burns off her excess energy through savagely aggressive typing and impromptu in-office dance routines.

Valerie’s unbeatable combo of digital marketing strategy and relentless optimism means that she knows how to get things done, and won’t let anything stand in way of her creating value for her clients.

Katrine Sorensen smiling with her hands on her hips

Katrine Sorensen

Content Marketing

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Born and raised in sunny Denmark, Katrine’s father once ran an experiment to see how long it would take her to get sick of ice cream if he gave it to her every time she asked. To the best of our knowledge she still isn’t sick of ice cream, although she no longer lives in Denmark...

Katrine channels this free spirited experimentation and creative thinking into crafting engaging and high-converting strategic content for her clients that people are not only excited to read, but share and link.

Joey Reinhart riding a bike

Joey Reinhart

Social Media Marketing

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This picture says more about Joey than any words can. A semi-professional mountain biker, Joey wears flannel to the office almost every day. Joey recently spent several months attempting to grow a mustache, with mixed results.

When he’s not sending it on the mountain, he’s sending it on social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok are Joey’s other passions, and Joey is a beast at growing followers and engagement for his clients across all social media channels.

CJ Wesstrom shivering with a trapper hat on

CJ Wesstrom

Development Lead

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CJ took the scenic route to his career as a web developer, with a brief stop as a social worker in his native Sweden before finding his true calling. He used to look like this, which we can only assume has something to do with why he moved to Canada many years ago.

CJ forges digital solutions with the precision of a modern day craftsman, and fervently applies this skill to everything he touches.

Max Halleran with his arms crossed

Max Halleran


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An aficionado of great food and drink, Max can always be counted on to tell you where to find the best old fashioned in Calgary.

Max’s connoisseurship doesn’t end with gastronomy though, he is equally passionate about the latest development trends and technologies, routinely looking for every opportunity to make the next project his new personal best.

Wesley Lean Mariano holding his tablet

Wesley Lean Mariano


Wesley believes that great friendships require the occasional pistol duel. When he's not schooling co-workers on making beautiful designs, he's schooling friends in the finer points of first person shooters.

Wesley understands that aesthetics are an essential part in making compelling content, and lives to craft beautiful and engaging visual experiences for his clients.