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A Team Of Passionate Digital Marketers & B2B Enthusiasts

Who specialize in the kind of digital marketing that grows revenue and makes C-levels happy

Why Konstruct?

It’s tough to talk about ourselves, but we’ll give it a go…

We’re a B2B digital marketing agency based in the great white north that works with clients throughout North America. We’re different from other agencies, at least that’s the #1 thing we hear from our clients (usually prefaced with an emphatic “wow!”), and we think it
might be because:

We’re passionate about digital and consistently delivering bragworthy results, but really isn’t every marketer?

We believe the work we do is extremely important to our clients, but doesn’t every agency feel that way?

We are insatiably curious about our clients businesses and markets, but isn’t that just called “consulting”?

We specialize B2B over B2C, yea maybe that one’s a bit unique…

End of the day though, we’re simply a group of passionate marketers unified in our desire to do great digital marketing for great B2B brands. We’d love to work with you!

Our Agency Manifesto

We’re on a mission to change the way agencies are viewed.

Ever tried to convince your CEO or CFO to increase the budget for “creative”? Not a fun conversation, which is why we’re the results-first agency that believes in:

No Busywork

We focus on the work that justifies marketing budgets and moves KPIs, not fluff or shiny growth hacks. We hold our clients accountable to think marketing and recognize its potential to disrupt the competitive landscape.

No B-Teams

Other agencies often reserve their “A-Teams” for the creative consumer brands and treat B2B brands as sandboxes for new hires and interns. At Konstruct our A-Team (or the K-Team as we call ourselves) is 100% focused on B2B brands.


We speak plain English and don’t try to hide our results behind an almost impenetrable layer of marketing jargon. We recognize that success requires buy-in at all levels of an organization, from C-levels down to SMEs.

The K-Team DNA

To be a different kind of agency, we require a different kind of marketing talent. We’ve always understood deeply the kind
of partnership we want to create with our clients and the personal values that are required to cultivate that relationship.

The common gene we look for in every member of the K-Team is the drive to ASCEND:

Our Culture (or should it be Kulture?)

To do great work, you need to love what you do. Our goal from year 1 has always been to create a company culture that attracts, retains, and cultivates the best marketing talent that is truly capable of ASCENDING.

Who We Work With

From our humble beginnings as a two-person consultancy operating out of a converted dining room, Konstruct has grown to be one of the leading B2B digital agencies with clients throughout North America:

Our Leadership Team

We hire some of the best and the brightest – that is a given. Like any true partnership, what really sets us apart is our curiosity
and passion to challenge you and ask the tough questions! We are not afraid to load the dishwasher in a different way!

Matt Cox

Managing Partner

Amanda Thomas

Managing Partner

Denise Ebata

Operations Director

JD Cutting

Digital Strategy Lead

Joel Messner

SEO Director

Alicia Engbers

Paid Media Lead

Hannah Von Rothkirch

Content Lead

CJ Wesstrom

Development Lead

Wesley Lean Mariano

Design Lead

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, click here to meet the whole team!