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Meet The Team

Who specialize in the kind of digital marketing that grows revenue and makes C-levels happy.


Matt Cox

Managing Partner

Matt is a serial digital entrepreneur and pioneer. Before Konstruct, Matt cut his teeth co-founding a Calgary based multi-million dollar e-commerce startup. Wishing to broaden his horizons, he then moved to Norway where he transitioned his experience into running his first digital agency focused on the European market.

Matt’s two decades of diverse digital media experience gives him a unique strategic perspective, and he is an expert at crafting highly effective multi-channel digital-first strategies, with a special passion for B2B account-based marketing of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing clients of all sizes.

Amanda Thomas

Managing Partner

As a teenager in the 90’s, Amanda taught herself web development by creating band fan websites with Geocities. It’s a past we won’t let her forget (we will pay a bounty if anyone can find one of these sites!).

Since this time, Amanda parlayed her young experience and formal education into the successful operation of multi-million dollar companies. She’s one of Canada’s leading authorities on all things SEO and digital, effortlessly translating theory into successful execution. A thought leader in the field, Amanda’s work is frequently cited in leading digital marketing publications.

Denise Ebata

Operations Director

A true altruist, Denise’s passion in life is helping those around her. Whether she’s teaching English in Japan, fostering an 8-month old puppy with a broken leg, or driving results for her clients, Denise is always there to lend a helping hand.

When we asked Denise about the best part of her job, her answer was so awesome we can’t help but quote her directly. She said, “ I love being a part of a brand’s journey and hearing the stories that help shape who they were, who they are now, and who they want to become.”

Digital Strategy

JD Cutting

Digital Strategy Lead

From travelling to three different continents as an independent artist to living in Muscat, Oman, for five years, and skiing just about every ski hill you can think of, it’s safe to say JD has been around the block.

Through his unique travels, JD has always lived by three “C’s”: creativity, communication, and curiosity. He dreams big, always thinks out of the box, prefers honest and straightforward communication, and views learning as a lifelong commitment, all of which make him a great Digital Strategist.

Tryphena Fraser

Sr. Digital Strategist

Tryphena was such a fan of our work at Konstruct, she made the switch from client to Konstruct team member! We were such a fan of Tryphena, we welcomed her with open arms. Tryphena is undoubtedly a “people person”. Her sunny personality and stories about riding around town on her Vespa are sure to brighten up a room.

On top of gardening, playing with her chihuahuas, and Vespa-ing, Tryphena’s passions lie in creative digital marketing growth strategies and customer service. She’s all about nurturing relationships and getting to know the ins and outs of her clients to deliver top-notch results.

Katrine Sorensen

Sr. Digital Strategist

Born and raised in sunny Denmark, Katrine’s father once ran an experiment to see how long it would take her to get sick of ice cream if he gave it to her every time she asked. To the best of our knowledge, she still isn’t sick of ice cream, although she no longer lives in Denmark…

Don’t let Katrine’s quiet demeanor fool you, as under the surface she is fiercely competitive about getting the best results for her clients and insatiably curious about the latest digital marketing trends and strategies.

Carter Munroe

Digital Strategist

Meet Carter. This guy is as outdoorsy as John Muir. Seriously. Carter spends his time running marathons, skiing, surfing, cycling, golfing, or basically doing any activity that involves physical activity and being outside. He is an adventure-seeker who is no stranger to exploring new horizons and pushing himself to succeed.

Whether pounding the pavement in a marathon or crafting a top-tier marketing strategy, Carter is always down for a good challenge. His unwavering curiosity to learn and deploy new marketing strategies combined with his unstoppable critical and creative thinking skills help him achieve great results for any client he works with.


Joel Messner

SEO Director

Joel is a man of many talents. At one point in Joel’s storied career, he was a portrait photographer. And a news reporter. And a sportscaster. He’s also able to recite exhaustive performance statistics on the Calgary Flames, a skill he’s rarely asked to demonstrate.

As head of our search team, Joel is in charge of the overall search marketing strategy for every Konstruct client. Joel lives and breathes a single word: results. He is passionate about driving his team to generate growth for his clients using his sweeping knowledge of SEO, paid advertisement, and social tactics.

Steven Orechow

SEO Specialist

Steven is obsessed with three things: SEO, his dog, Felix, and hockey. Seriously, ask him anything about the Calgary Flames and he’ll know the answer.

A day in Steven’s life looks something like this: First, he chats with his sports-obsessed team lead, Joel, about hockey & SEO. Next, he solves any SEO challenges our clients are facing through creative problem-solving techniques. Then, a quick break to debate with our DS, Sheldon, about why the Flames are better than the Oilers. Then, back to work growing organic search traffic for our clients before heading out for the day to give Felix some much-needed love and attention.

Lyren Nadeau

SEO Specialist

Lyren is an aspiring adrenaline junkie. He once went skydiving and said if it wasn’t so expensive, he’d do it every weekend of his life! When he’s not dreaming about plummeting from the skies on a skydiving escapade, he’s trying to get his adrenaline kick via cosmic horror books, video games, and films.

You know what else gets Lyren’s blood pumping? Keeping up with Google algorithm updates! Lyren has a thirst for SEO knowledge and a knack for problem-solving. He approaches every client challenge with determination and never shies away from asking the tough questions.

Paid Media

Alicia Engbers

Paid Media Lead

From The Bachelor to The Amazing Race, Alicia loves to spend her free time binge watching any and every drama-filled reality TV show. If you find yourself talking to Alicia for too long, you might even start to see some Bachelor Nation ads popping up on your devices! As a PPC Specialist, Alicia is a big fan of sending hyper-targeted ads to consumers based on their interests.

Whether it’s entertaining her own aspirations to be on The Amazing Race, or strategizing on improving ROAS for her clients, Alicia is all about competition. Her hard-working nature and relentless dedication to maximizing return on ad spend for our clients prove that she would be a killer contestant!

Elizabeth Adeniran

Paid Media Specialist

If there’s one thing Elizabeth knows best, it’s how to get inside the minds of our clients’ target audiences. With a huge passion for history, music and culture, anything that can teach Elizabeth more about why people do what they do, is right up her alley! She spends her free time learning about the history of different cultures, including the food they ate, the music they listened to and how they survived various life challenges.

As a PPC Specialist, Elizabeth can help our clients overcome challenges and reach their goals with her unique knowledge and analytical mindset. Also, she can make a ton of ancient dishes, so if you’re looking for a meal idea, let her know!

Dakota Marx

PPC Specialist

Dakota is a die-hard horror movie enthusiast, with a particular affinity for the chilling tales of Jason Voorhees. Her passion has inadvertently turned her into a collector of Friday the 13th memorabilia, amassing a collection that would impress any horror buff.

This same enthusiasm for delving into the depths of horror lore parallels her approach to paid media, where she applies a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of the unseen. Dakota loves digging into data to uncover new opportunities and is always looking to advance her expertise so she can maximize the impact of her clients’ ad spend.

Content Marketing

Hannah Von Rothkirch

Content Lead

If you’re thinking you’ve seen Hannah before you could be right! As resident singer/dancer in revolucionparty, Hannah has performed at festivals, weddings, and corporate events across Canada. Hannah is an expert at engaging with her audiences, a skill that serves her equally well in music and marketing.

A sucker for an expertly crafted Instagram feed and workaholic, Hannah stops at nothing to create the most engaging and high-converting content for her clients that people are not only excited to read, but share and link.

Arianna Healing

Content Specialist

You wouldn’t guess this by looking at her but Arianna’s favourite movie is Silence of the Lambs! Although Ari is a horror movie buff, her sparkling personality is far from spooky. When Ari doesn’t have her eyes glued to one of her favourite scary movies, she’s busy capturing and creating short videos for her family and friends.

As a graduate of the Vancouver Film School, Ari is passionate about producing creative and entertaining content with a real WOW factor. Her diverse knowledge in the media industry helps her bring a truly unique perspective to all of her client projects.

Catherine Louw

Content Specialist

In 2019, Catherine moved from the wine region of Stellenbosch in South Africa to start her new life in Canada and hasn’t looked back since… except for when it’s time for winter driving! Then you can find her Googling the next flight outta here. (Just kidding, she loves the mountains and the people too much to leave us behind.)

When it comes to writing content (her second love right behind her twin daughters AND twin cats), Catherine is enthralled with the entire creative process. Her diverse writing portfolio extends across various industries, allowing her to tackle any content topic with ease and finesse.


Wesley Lean Mariano

Design Lead

Wesley believes that great friendships require the occasional pistol duel. When he’s not schooling co-workers on making beautiful designs, he’s schooling friends in the finer points of first-person shooters.

Wesley understands that aesthetics are an essential part of making compelling content and lives to craft beautiful and engaging visual experiences for his clients.

Elaine Esmeralda


Ever since she was young, Elaine has always loved to doodle and flex her creative muscles. She has since turned her passions into a career and loves using her unbeatable creativity to produce aesthetically pleasing and effective designs for all of our clients. 

When Elaine’s looking for more inspiration and creativity, you can find her relaxing by the beach. What better place to get inspired for her next design masterpiece?


Lucky Dinawanao


Lucky has always been eager to learn as much information as possible. His constant urge to learn enabled him to become a web development wizard AND once helped him deliver his second child (you could call him a full-time Developer, one-time Obstetrician)!

When it comes to development, Lucky is a true go-getter. He loves the never-ending learning experience that development provides and is always eager to learn more to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Arreane Coyoca


As a true thalassophile (yes, we Googled that!), Areanne’s safe place is the ocean. At the end of a long week, Areanne is hanging out at the beach, visiting gorgeous waterfalls, or freediving in the Pacific ocean. If you couldn’t tell, he’s one of our remote team members. We don’t see much ocean over here in YYC! 

When we asked Areanne what he loves about his job, he said he lives by the quote ” find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” which pretty much sums up the positive presence he has at Konstruct. His unique problem-solving skills and love for innovative dev tools make him a great asset to our development team.


Michelle Janousek

Finance & HR Manager

When Michelle needs to zone in on some number crunching, she channels her past life working in nightclubs where she perfected her ability to block out music while hitting the books. Now, nothing can distract Michelle from immersing herself in her work. Well… except for the smell of sourdough rye bread or pizza on Pizza Thursdays. 

When Michelle isn’t kicking butt at keeping our finances in check, she’s kicking butt at her TKO workout classes three times a week! If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is!