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How OpsGuru Increased
Leads by 219%


Increase in online search visibility 


Decrease in cost-per-click on Google Ads campaigns


New LinkedIn followers in one year


OpsGuru, a leading cloud services provider, partnered with Konstruct to dominate one of the most complicated and ever-fluctuating digital landscapes.

Thanks to Konstruct’s agile SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts, OpsGuru has seen the following results:

We definitely saw a huge increase in terms of users and sessions on our website. Our ad clicks went up, and the costs went down. We’ve also seen a decrease in our bounce rates. Additionally, we’ve seen a few conversions and some opportunities coming from our paid ads.

Even feedback from our own team in terms of the content that Konstruct Digital has produced has been great. They’ve been able to produce easily digestible, engaging content for our site.”

The Goal: Becoming the Foremost Cloud Consulting Company

OpsGuru is a cloud consulting company that helps organizations embrace the benefits of the public cloud by providing support throughout the digital transformation journey.

OpsGuru’s goal is to establish dominance in the cloud industry and become the unequivocal choice for organizations looking for support with migrating to the cloud or optimizing their cloud environment.

The Challenge: Keeping Up in One of the Most Competitive & Fast-Changing Digital Spaces

The cloud industry is a hyper-competitive space with numerous strong players vying for prominence and terminology constantly in flux due to the relative newness of the market space. Dominating an industry like this takes exceptional agility and expertise.

OpsGuru knew that they needed to outsource their digital marketing to an expert partner in order to be competitive in the digital battlefield of the cloud computing industry. But, they needed to ensure that their marketing partner

  • Understood the highly technical nature of cloud computing and OpsGuru’s service offering to target the right audience and communicate with these users effectively.
  • Had the bandwidth and processes in place to adapt strategies efficiently due to the highly volatile cloud landscape.
  • Had the expertise to compete with competitors who already had a head-start on fortifying their digital presence.
  • Could find creative ways to maximize OpsGuru’s visibility in a search landscape dominated by the likes of AWS and Google Cloud, with extremely high domain authorities.

Why OpsGuru Chose Konstruct

Konstruct was one of the few agencies that understood the highly technical nature of the cloud industry and OpsGuru’s service offerings. In fact, OpsGuru discovered Konstruct through a referral from a fellow cloud consultancy. Not only does Konstruct get cloud, but we are also equipped with the expertise and processes required to tackle fluctuating SERP spaces and market trends with agile and aggressive strategies that ensure OpsGuru secures the dominant share of voice and persuades those in their ideal customer profile to convert.


219% Increase in Form Submissions

OpsGuru’s significant increase in form submissions following the start of Konstruct’s SEO and PPC efforts speaks to Konstruct’s mission to not just drive more traffic but highly relevant, high-intent traffic in OpsGuru’s ideal customer profile. This metric also speaks to the efficacy of Konstruct’s content in persuading users to convert.

1113.3% Increase in the Discoverability of OpsGuru’s Website on Google

When users search for information relevant to OpsGuru and its service offerings, the OpsGuru website is now 1113.3% more visible than it was prior to OpsGuru’s partnership with Konstruct. 

Konstruct has implemented a robust SEO strategy that has not only greatly increased the rankings of OpsGuru’s existing pages for the most lucrative and relevant keywords but has also identified opportunities to expand OpsGuru’s website to help OpsGuru reach more users who are Googling terms relevant to the company.

21.45% Decrease in Cost-Per-Click on OpsGuru’s Google Ads Campaigns

The ultimate goal of Konstruct’s Google Ads efforts is to maximize the ROAS of OpsGuru’s campaigns. By closely monitoring campaign performance and completing ongoing optimizations, Konstruct’s Paid Media team consistently refines keyword targeting, ad copy, and campaign settings to achieve the lowest possible costs while maximizing the revenue driven by the campaigns. 

This approach ensures that OpsGuru’s ad budget is always going towards keywords with the most lucrative opportunities and not wasted on outdated terms that are no longer used in the cloud industry.

+1900 New LinkedIn Followers In One Year

In addition to SEO and Google Ads campaigns, Konstruct also supports OpsGuru with all of the company’s organic LinkedIn content. Konstruct’s social media support was supposed to be a short-term solution due to internal staffing changes at OpsGuru, but ended up persisting for years longer than initially planned due to the highly-engaging and effective LinkedIn content that Konstruct’s social media team produced.

In the past year, Konstruct has helped OpsGuru increase its LinkedIn following by 34.6%.

Dominate Your Industry Like OpsGuru

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