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Franchise SEO Services

The Franchise SEO Services That’ll Put Your B2B Franchisees on the Map

Need to centralize your SEO efforts across your franchise locations? Whether you have dozens or hundreds of locations, you can trust our
franchise SEO services to protect your brand reputation and maximize your exposure, making your franchisees
successful through local search demand

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The Franchise SEO Team You Need to Boost
Your Local Visibility

As a franchise business, you shed blood, sweat, and tears building your brand and expanding its reach with franchisees located all across the map. Don’t settle for your “local” SEO agency whose expertise ends at getting you to rank within a single city. We have both the knowledge and experience to create unique SEO frameworks that drive relevant organic traffic across all your locations. We’ll help you create and execute a franchise SEO strategy that makes your business attractive to franchisees, increases local leads and sales, and controls your brand at scale.

Local Search Engine Optimization at Scale

To maximize your exposure, you need to make it easy for B2B buyers near your franchise locations to find your business in search. However, ranking for relevant local keywords in multiple geographic areas is no easy feat. At Konstruct, we have the SEO expertise required make your website dominate the SERPs across dozens to hundreds of locations.

Your Reputation is Our Everything

Branding is vital to your franchise business. Don’t leave it in the hands of an agency that would sacrifice your branding in favour of a quick bump in the rankings. When you choose Konstruct, you don’t need to compromise. We’ll protect your branding like it’s our own while providing the local SEO expertise you need for local search visibility.

Customized or Centralized SEO Frameworks

Whether you want to centralize the SEO efforts of your franchise or offer SEO to your franchisees as a revenue generating add-on service, we’ve got your back. Our extensive expertise in franchise SEO for B2B businesses will ensure that no franchisee goes rogue on your brand and everyone stays in alignment.

Let’s do something great together.

The Franchise SEO Services You Need to Knock Your Sales Out of the Park

Whether you want to build a national online marketing strategy or customize your approach for each individual
business location
, we’ll build the SEO campaign that’s right for you. Our team of franchise marketing experts is uniquely
qualified to tackle the technical, on-page, and off-page challenges that come with optimizing franchise websites.

Franchise Technical SEO

A solid technical SEO foundation is the backbone of any successful franchise SEO strategy. From devising a site structure that gives you the opportunity to rank for as many relevant local keywords as possible to adding local schema to your pages, we’ll implement the technical SEO tactics proven to really move the needle for franchise businesses.

  • Effective SEO Site Structure/ Architecture
  • Relevant Schema
  • Impressive Site Speed
  • Comprehensive Code Optimization
  • Optimized Image Tagging
  • Optimized Meta Tags
  • Relevant Redirects
  • Appropriate Internal Linking
  • Resolving Server/Hosting Issues

Franchise On-Page SEO

For the franchise industry, one of the biggest challenges is avoiding duplicate content on franchise websites. We take a highly formulated approach to content creation and on-page optimization, allowing us to produce custom content at a fraction of the time while ensuring consistent branding across your franchise locations.

  • Comprehensive Content Audit & Analysis
  • Impressive SEO Landing Pages
  • Persuasive SEO Copywriting
  • Impactful Blogs & Articles
  • Precise Keyword Research & Optimization
  • Outstanding Content Automation

Franchise External SEO

In order to secure your dominant position on the local results pages of major search engines, your B2B franchise business needs to take your search engine optimization efforts beyond your website. Our strategic approach to external SEO ensures that your brand has a solid presence wherever your target audience is looking.

  • Advanced Local Link Building Strategies
  • Optimized Social Media
  • Innovative Digital PR
  • Extensive Content Promotion
  • Resolving Google Penalties and Penalty Recovery

Local SEO

If you want each franchise location to rule its own geographic search area, then local SEO is the way to go. We not only boost the local search visibility of your local listings but we also ensure your branding remains consistent across your franchisees.

  • Comprehensive Online Listings Management
  • Active Citation Management
  • Efficient Online Reviews Management
  • Dedicated Location Specific Microsites
  • Effective Local Focused Schema

Get a Custom Proposal Based On Your Business & Market

Kickstart Your Journey Towards SEO Results That Put Your Franchise On Top

Whether we work together in the short-term, long-term or not at all, we guarantee you will be happy you took the time to speak with us.

Some SEO Agencies Take a Blanket Approach, That’s Not Us

Franchise SEO isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’ve crafted successful custom SEO strategies for B2B franchise businesses like yours and have the proof you need to ensure you’ve done your due diligence before choosing us as your new franchise SEO firm.

Digital Marketing Expertise for A
Variety of B2B Business Types

With our 10+ years of experience, you can rest assured that you’re not signing up for amateur hour. Our seasoned digital marketing experts have worked with many different business types to drive profitable results that change business trajectories.

B2B Digital Marketing

When it comes to optimizing B2B sites, the experts at Konstruct are tough to beat. We know B2B marketing inside and out and have an abundance of B2B success stories to show for it.

Industrial B2B Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing agency has helped many industrial clients transform the way they engage their increasingly millennial customers by making their business the industry leader in their digital space.

Franchise B2B Digital Marketing

We’ll help you think bigger than just SEO when planning your digital marketing roadmap for your franchise business with a range of franchise marketing services.

eCommerce B2B Digital Marketing

We have the expertise required to help eCommerce businesses guide more customers through the sales funnel by driving more website traffic, building brand awareness, and more.

B2B Shopify Digital Marketing

We know the Shopify platform inside out and have run successful digital marketing campaigns that have resulted in substantial increases in sales.

B2B SaaS Digital Marketing

The SaaS industry has the most unpredictable search behaviour of any industry. Fortunately, the experts at Konstruct have helped multiple SaaS clients drive quality traffic to their websites with our proven SEO strategies.

B2B Enterprise Digital Marketing

Enterprise companies have massive websites and many agencies shy away from the challenge. Not us. We have experience implementing advanced SEO strategies at scale to drive growth efficiently.

Account-Based Marketing

We’ve worked alongside B2B sales teams throughout North America to craft highly targeted outbound campaigns that increase brand awareness and open the door to sales otherwise outside their current reach.

B2B Tech Marketing

The B2B tech industry is constantly evolving. Don’t let your competitors leave you in the dust. We revel in the challenge of the fast-moving tech space and know exactly how to keep your business ahead of the pack.


“At the start of this engagement, Konstruct Digital didn’t have much experience with our industry, but they have proven to be quick learners. I’ve been an engineer for 40 years, and now I sometimes think they know more than I do.”


“Konstruct Digital has been outstanding in terms of project management. We have weekly calls and they always update us on their progress, plans, and everything they’ve accomplished so far. This makes it incredibly easy to work with them. ”

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO includes search marketing strategies to help local businesses increase their search visibility within their distinct geographic areas. Local SEO strategies include local online listings, gaining positive local reviews, and increasing monthly leads and organic website traffic. Franchise businesses often use local SEO strategies to increase local traffic for each of the franchise locations.

What Does SEO for Franchises Look Like?

Franchise SEO is basically “regular” SEO but with a local twist. While the fundamental SEO principles are the same, franchise SEO management focuses on SEO strategies to ensure maximum visibility for each franchise location from local search. Other SEO strategies may focus on increasing the online visibility of the franchise brand overall to attract prospective franchise buyers and expand the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do SEO services cost?

There are many elements to consider when it comes to SEO pricing. Every franchise has different goals and franchise marketing needs and the cost of SEO services varies depending on the scope of work required and how the marketing budget is allocated. Working with franchise SEO clients, we have devised both centralized and distributed budget strategies which allow franchise businesses to scale both results and budgets predictably.

Why is local SEO for franchises important?

You need to position your franchise locations to rank on the most relevant and valuable local search engine results pages to drive local traffic from multiple locations. If your content isn’t optimized for local search, your franchise locations are missing out on attracting local customers. Local SEO is a strategy used to maximize the search visibility of each franchise location and can attract customers in their specific local areas.

How does SEO work for franchises in different cities?

Developing an SEO marketing strategy for multiple locations involves ensuring that each location ranks within its own geographic area. Each location needs to have its own online listings with the correct contact details and each location should have it’s own set of pages on the corporate website. Pssst…don’t forget that having duplicate content across different location pages is a definite buzz kill when it comes to SEO. Duplicate content can harm your local search rankings as pages that are viewed as duplicate content risk being devalued or penalized by search engines.