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Ohana Care Case Study

How Ohana Care Increased Non-Branded Clicks Through Search by 183%


Increase In Organic Search Impressions


Increase In Paid Ad Conversion Rates


Decrease In Cost Per Conversions


Ohana Care Health Services

They’re always here for me. I’ve hired a few different agencies like this, and Konstruct is much more organized than our previous vendors were. Additionally, a lot of the other vendors had automated processes they would put us through, and that didn’t feel personal. Konstruct’s personal touch stands out to us.


Ohana Care provides home care services that support elderly citizens in Western Canada. In order to grow their business, Ohana Care was on the lookout for an agency that could help them move the needle on their high-priority keywords, as their keyword ranking growth had stagnated. Additionally, they were getting a lot of spam traffic and traffic from the US, which was outside their scope. Ohana Care also had plans to expand their business into several new cities and was looking for an agency that could help them establish a strong multi-location SEO strategy. With their expansion into new locations, they needed to make a lot of updates to their site structure and wanted to ensure that the agency they chose could support them in this endeavour. Upon searching for a digital marketing agency that could meet their needs, they discovered Konstruct Digital via Google and LinkedIn, and the partnership began.


The initial focus of our marketing efforts for Ohana Care involved implementing SEO strategies that focused on increasing Ohana Care’s SERP rankings for high-value, high-competition keywords while growing relevant non-branded and organic traffic to the website month over month. Not only did we accomplish this, but we also successfully cleaned up their traffic sources, ensuring that the traffic they received was only coming from users in their service locations. When Ohana Care expanded into a new city, our SEO team updated Ohana Care’s site structure to accommodate the new location and implemented a multi-location marketing strategy that focused on leveraging local SEO strategies to drive local traffic to their site from their new service location. Konstruct will also support Ohana Care as they continue their expansion into a new province. At the same time, we also managed and optimized multiple paid ads campaigns on both Google and Bing which effectively drove more qualified traffic and leads for Ohana Care’s home care service lines.