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The Franchise Marketing Agency That’ll Help Your Franchisees Dominate Local Markets

If you want your B2B franchisees to succeed in competitive local markets, you can’t afford to trust “full service” agencies
with little expertise in franchise marketing. Konstruct is the agency you count on to boost your brand’s exposure and
influence, maximizing your reach while safeguarding your brand reputation across your different locations

Put Your Franchisees On the Map With
Our Franchise Marketing Services

You worked hard to build your franchise empire. Don’t let a digital marketing agency that lacks experience in the franchise industry tear it down. When you choose Konstruct, you can feel confident in a B2B franchise-focused agency that knows how to promote your brand across your multiple locations with finesse—whether your franchise extends across multiple communities, cities, or even countries. Our skilled team of experts has proven success boosting the profitability of B2B franchise businesses while keeping branding consistent across different marketing campaigns executed at scale. Let us curate and execute a customized strategy that not only boosts your volume of local sales and quality leads but also makes your brand irresistible to potential franchisees.

We Help You Reach Customers Across the Nation (or Globe)

Maximizing brand awareness for multi-location businesses is not an easy feat. Luckily, as experts in marketing franchise brands online, we have a proven track record of executing successful local SEO, paid advertising, and content marketing campaigns that put franchise businesses at the top of the minds of relevant customers, wherever they’re located.

Maintaining Your Branding Is Our #1 Priority

As any franchise owner can agree, brand reputation is the golden ticket to a successful business. We understand that establishing a strong brand reputation starts with maintaining brand consistency, which is why we’ll stop at nothing to ensure your branding is protected across your digital presence. No franchisee will go rogue on our watch.

Marketing Strategies As Unique As Your Business

Whether you want to centralize your digital marketing efforts or offer digital marketing to your franchisees as a revenue-generating add-on service, we’ve got the customized approach for you. We’ll work with you to build a framework that will ultimately blow your current revenue out of the water.

Let’s do something great together.

Our Digital Marketing Services That Take Franchises to the Next Level

“Full service” is for gas stations, not digital marketing agencies.

We’re not your local full-service marketing agency (AKA a jack of all trades, master of none). We’re B2B growth marketing strategists who accelerate growth for ambitious businesses through the following marketing efforts:


Brand friendly B2B-focused search engine optimization done at scale to grow your brand awareness, share-of-voice and ultimately your share-of-market.

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Paid Ads

From Google search ads to social media display ads, we specialize in creating digital advertising campaigns that drive the highest number of conversions for the lowest cost.

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Content Marketing

Social media content, blogs, landing page copy, and everything in between. We create content that highlights your expertise and delights your target audience.

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And not to brag or anything, but we’re also pretty good at:

Website Design

Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Media Marketing

WordPress Development

Email Marketing

Digital Public Relations

Website Design

Conversion Rate Optimization

Social Media Marketing

WordPress Development

Email Marketing

Digital Public Relations

The Best Marketing Decision You’ll Ever Make is Just One Click Away…

We don’t do sales, and clicking below is not an invitation to get spammed with a never-ending chain of emails.

Our marketing proposals are comprehensive deep dives by our most experienced team members into:

  • Market opportunities
  • Competitor analysis
  • Current marketing takedown
  • Whether we’re a fit for each other

No matter whether we work together in the short-term, long-term, or not at all, we guarantee you will be happy that you took the time to speak with us.

Most Agencies Count Clients, We Count Wins

The only growth metrics we care about are yours, and we stack client wins like we stack firewood in winter.

Don’t just take our word for it though, we’ve published more case studies than any agency in Canada.

In Case It Wasn’t Clear, We’re a Bit Different (On Purpose!)

We have no interest in being like every other agency.

Agency Level Expertise, In-House Level Engagement

  • The traditional agency experience is a tradeoff between expertise and engagement. This doesn’t work for us. No one can market effectively to an industry they’re not immersed in, and we’re too competitive to deliver lukewarm results.
  • We solve this by joining organizations as a results-oriented strategic partner with the goal of blurring the line between agency and in-house.

“At the start of this engagement, Konstruct Digital didn’t have much experience with our industry, but they have proven to be quick learners. I’ve been an engineer for 40 years, and now I sometimes think they know more than I do.”

Faster Results Without The Fluff

  • We’ve literally seen it all. We’ve bottled up that experience and have developed agile frameworks that cut out “marketing fat” and get our teams to successful execution faster.
  • What you won’t see from us: performative marketing proposals focused on “busy work”. When you work with Konstruct, you’re paying for expert-level marketing strategy & execution, based on our battle-tested frameworks.
Jonas Construction Services

“Everything from our optimization to landing pages to our rankings in keyword searches has improved.
The volume of leads coming through our website has increased by about 40%.”

What is Franchise Marketing?

Franchise marketing is the process of promoting products or services to potential customers AND the franchise brand to potential franchisees. 

This type of marketing differs from traditional marketing as it focuses on the specific goals of franchise businesses, like maintaining branding across different franchise locations and using local SEO to target specific geographical areas. 

Like other forms of digital marketing, franchise marketing executed by experienced strategists and specialists can boost brand awareness, drive web traffic, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately boost leads and sales. However, it can also help you convert more prospective franchisees, allowing you to grow your business to more locations and expand your market reach. 

The Importance of Franchise Marketing 

For franchisees, taking advantage of marketing tactics such as SEO, paid ads, and social media can greatly increase foot or web traffic, brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales for their franchise location. 

For franchisors, marketing is table stakes for a number of reasons. Firstly, through tactics such as local SEO and PPC, you can drive leads and sales for individual franchise locations. The more sales those franchisees make, the more you earn in royalties. Secondly, franchise marketing can also help you attract potential franchisees and establish your franchise as a profitable business opportunity. The more franchisee prospects you have, the more you’re able to expand your franchise business into new locations

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the role of franchise marketing agencies?

Franchise marketing agencies typically help franchise businesses increase sales, promote their brand to their target buyers, and attract new franchisees, and support franchisees with marketing collateral and resources. Below are some common responsibilities franchise marketing agencies have when working with franchise businesses: 

  • Implement and maintain branding across franchise locations and throughout all campaigns. 
  • Craft paid advertising campaigns to drive interest in franchise opportunities. 
  • Develop local franchise SEO strategies to drive foot or web traffic. 
  • Create social media content to build brand awareness. 

When you partner with Konstruct as your franchise agency, we’ll help you determine the scope of work required to meet and exceed your business objectives. 

Do franchisees do their own marketing?

It’s typically up to the franchisor how they want to develop and implement local marketing campaigns. If a franchisor allows franchisees to market their specific location of business, franchisees must follow specific marketing guidelines to ensure they capture the business’ branding accurately. 

The result of franchisees trying to market their own business is usually a mess of different marketing tactics resulting in self-competition and a highly confusing marketing experience. Because of this messy marketing, it’s more common and best practice for franchise marketing to be centrally controlled.

Why should a franchise invest in digital marketing?

As a franchise, investing in digital marketing services is about as important as brushing your teeth. Mandatory? Nope. Is it still incredibly important? Absolutely. 

By investing in digital marketing, franchises can reach potential franchisees and customers, increase online visibility, and boostonline visibility. Through SEO and PPC efforts, franchises can implement campaigns that better target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and location to drive conversions.

Additionally, digital marketing can support franchises to increase brand awareness and establish themselves as authorities in their industry. By creating engaging and valuable social content, leveraging SEO, and crafting results-driven PPC campaigns, franchises can skyrocket their online presence and boost sales. 

Let’s create something amazing together.

What are the types of franchise marketing? 

There are two primary types of franchise marketing, operational franchise marketing and franchise development marketing. 

Operational franchise marketing is when a franchisee promotes its individual franchise location. Franchisees typically use content marketing and paid advertising tactics to boost foot or web traffic to their specific location and drive sales. 

Franchise development marketing is when a franchisor promotes its franchise in an effort to generate leads and attract potential franchisees. Through various SEO, content, and paid advertising tactics, franchisors aim to acquire and retain qualified individuals looking to own franchises.