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How EverLine Coatings Increased Social Media Traffic by 1,135%

Transformed their social media strategy from ad-hoc to consistent, maximizing their brand’s share of voice in new service areas.

Created highly-engaging social content that resonated with their primarily millennial audience.

Increased website traffic coming from social media channels by 1,135%.


EverLine Coatings, a full-service parking lot maintenance and line painting company, was looking to open new franchise locations across Canada and needed help boosting brand awareness with both potential franchise owners and prospective clients.

Thanks to Konstruct’s through audience analysis and precedent-setting social media marketing efforts, EverLine has:

I have been working with Konstruct Interactive to help bring my brand to the next level in the digital world as we expand our millennial-led franchises. They were tasked to make sure that our digital presence is top-notch and they are doing a great job of that. They are flexible, thorough, innovative and understand the unique needs of my business.

The Goal:Dominate New Service Areas And Attract Prospective Millennial Franchisees

EverLine is a full-service parking lot maintenance and line painting company servicing parking lots, roadways, parkades, and more across Canada. The company was operating as a single-location business based in Calgary, Alberta, but its owner was eager to evolve the business into a thriving multi-location franchise.

One of EverLine’s primary target audiences is millennials interested in franchise opportunities, as the line painting industry is heavily dominated by those in the millennial generation. 

In order to establish a solid presence in new service areas and stand out as an exciting opportunity for prospective millennial franchisees, it was essential for EverLine to boost brand awareness, earn the dominant share of voice in its industry, and appeal to the interests of its target millennial audience.

The Challenge:Ambitions Were High, But Time & Expertise Were Lacking

In order to boost brand awareness, EverLine knew that investing in social media was key. They started posting on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but struggled to find time to manage these efforts. 

With only a handful of posts published, an inconsistent posting schedule, and a lack of expertise, they weren’t sure how to scale their social media profiles to reach, appeal to, and stay top of mind for their target audience.

They needed a partner that could post consistently, grow their followers, speak to their target audience, and reach qualified leads in new service areas.

Why EverLine Chose Konstruct

EverLine was on the lookout for a marketing agency that could not only support their business growth, but also genuinely cared about the success of their business. 

After researching and interviewing eight different agencies, EverLine quickly determined that Konstruct was the best option.

John Evans, President & Founder at EverLine said,

“[Konstruct] genuinely care[s] about how people feel about our company. Their team wanted to capture the heart of our organization and portray that in our social media posts.”



Elevated Content With a Millennial-Focused Brand Voice

In order to create social media content that resonated with EverLine’s Millennial audience, dull, generic content simply wasn’t an option. Instead, Konstruct’s social media strategy involved using relatable memes, gifs, satisfying videos, and funny line painting “fails” to attract and retain the interest of EverLine’s ideal audience.

Transformed Social Presence From Ad-Hoc to Consistent

Pre-Konstruct, EverLine had an ad-hoc social media presence, sometimes posting multiple times a week and sometimes not posting for weeks at a time. Konstruct knew that creating a consistent and frequent posting schedule was the best way to build brand awareness and keep EverLine top-of-mind for prospects. Konstruct posted on all of EverLine’s social channels four times a week to maximize the brand’s share of voice.

Increased Social Media-Driven Website Traffic by 1,135%

Konstruct’s content team completely revamped EverLine’s social media strategy. By increasing the brand’s posting cadence, creating content that really spoke to its target audience, and encouraging users to visit the EverLine website to learn more about their services via call-to-actions, EverLine experienced a significant increase in social media-driven web traffic.

Maximize Your Brand’s Share of Voice Like EverLine

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