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How Chamco Got Its Brand In Front of Its Target Market ~5,500 Times Every Month

Thanks to Konstruct’s unique approach to social media marketing, Chamco has:

Amassed thousands of engaged LinkedIn followers.

Ensured previous and prospective clients are “thinking Chamco” at least two times per week.

Boosted brand credibility by publishing ample examples of project success stories.


Chamco, a global leader in industrial compressor and pump solutions, entrusted  Konstruct with building and executing a standard-setting social media strategy. For Chamco, investing in social media isn’t a vanity play.

Instead, social media continues to be a fantastic tool for keeping Chamco’s brand top-of-mind for its target market, which is key to nurturing prospects throughout Chamco’s long sales cycles.

“With Konstruct, we found more than just a marketing partner; we found a team that understands and really cares about our brand, our values, and our target audience. They didn’t just help us get set up on social media; they have been instrumental in amplifying the Chamco brand through their deep integration with our business, innovative ideas, and ability to speak our language.

The Goal:Turn the Industry’s Best-Kept-Secret Into a Household Name

Chamco has a decades-long history of delivering industry-leading pump and compressor solutions with a lot of repeat business that kept the business afloat for over 50 years. However, accessing new leads and building brand awareness beyond their existing customer base was where they fell short. 

Malcolm Cox, CEO at Chamco, said, “We sometimes felt like we were our industry’s best-kept secret,” referring to the challenge of getting the Chamco brand in front of the right audience.  

They knew it was time to invest in more top-of-funnel marketing initiatives to amplify the Chamco brand to more prospects while reminding past customers just how great Chamco really is.

The Challenge:Building a Social Media Presence from Ground Zero

As an almost 60-year-old business, Chamco was old school and had never dabbled in the world of social media marketing before. They needed to start from the ground up to build their social media presence and follower base, which was no simple feat for a business in a niche industry, without a marketing team, and staff distributed across 6 offices. 

Chamco needed a partner who could go beyond the basics of getting set up on social and posting consistently. They needed a partner who could integrate deeply with their business to help surface and share engaging stories that emphasized the Chamco brand and spoke their target audience’s language.

Why Chamco Chose Konstruct

Chamco’s President & CEO, Malcolm Cox, had worked with members of the Konstruct team in the past. So, when Chamco needed help bringing the brand’s marketing efforts into the digital age, they knew Konstruct was the partner they could trust. 

Throughout the engagement, Chamco’s leadership team has always trusted Konstruct to suggest new opportunities to leverage digital channels to grow their business—one of which was to invest in social media marketing.

Malcolm Cox trusted Konstruct to embody the Chamco brand on LinkedIn, even stating,

“ I’ve been an engineer for 40 years, and now I sometimes think they know more than I do.”



~5,500 Linkedin Post Impressions Every Month

By maintaining a consistent posting schedule with posts designed to intrigue and inform Chamco’s target audience, Chamco remains top of mind for their target market while solidifying Chamco’s reputation as a trusted leader in their industry. Additionally, Konstruct’s tagging, hashtag, and employee engagement strategies help to expose more users to Chamco’s brand and boost the brand’s share of voice.

Thousands of Engaged LinkedIn Followers

Thanks to Konstruct’s standard-setting B2B-focused social media strategy, expert-level creative wordsmithing and storytelling, and unwavering consistency, Chamco has gained thousands of followers with a demonstrated interest in topics related to Chamco’s core business offering. These followers continue to see examples of Chamco’s successes, further nurturing them toward choosing Chamco for their pump and compressor needs.

Boosted Brand Credibility via Success Stories

Konstruct helped Chamco set up a system in which Chamco team members can submit customer stories to Konstruct’s social media team to be featured on Chamco’s accounts. The customer stories shared on social media provide tangible evidence of Chamco’s expertise and commitment to customer service excellence.

Build a Rock-Solid Social Media Presence Like Chamco

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