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How OpsGuru Gained 2,154 LinkedIn Followers in Just One Year


Impressions in one year


Increase in LinkedIn followers in one year


Engagements in one year


OpsGuru, a leading cloud consulting company, partnered with Konstruct for short-term social media support in the wake of organizational transitions. However, Konstruct’s social media team exceeded expectations to such an extent that OpsGuru decided to turn the temporary engagement into a permanent long-term retainer.

Thanks to Konstruct’s bar-raising LinkedIn marketing efforts, OpsGuru has seen the following results:

“Feedback from our own team in terms of the content that Konstruct Digital has produced has been great. They’ve been able to produce easily digestible, engaging content for our site.”

The Goal:Becoming the Unequivocal Thought Leader in the Cloud Industry

OpsGuru’s marketing team aimed to transform the company’s LinkedIn profile into a vibrant hub of industry insights and innovations, spotlighting its expertise in cloud solutions. Central to their mission was the ambition to be known as the unequivocal thought leader in the cloud industry. This goal wasn’t just about gaining visibility; it was about cementing OpsGuru’s position at the forefront of cloud technology discourse.

They not only wanted to attract new leads but also nurture and engage their existing ones. They understood that establishing a robust presence on LinkedIn was crucial in demonstrating their cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking approach to their audience.

The Challenge:Marrying SMM Expertise with the Highly Technical Cloud Industry

OpsGuru faced a unique challenge in its journey to dominate the cloud industry discourse on social media: the need to find a harmonious blend of social media marketing expertise with deep, authentic knowledge of the cloud industry.

This requirement called for a partner who could not only navigate the complexities of platforms like LinkedIn but also genuinely understand and articulate the nuances of the cloud industry. OpsGuru’s offerings, deeply rooted in technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge, necessitated a social media voice that could ‘talk the talk’ of the cloud industry, resonating with both the technically savvy and those at the helm of business decisions.

Why OpsGuru Chose Konstruct

OpsGuru discovered Konstruct through a referral from a fellow cloud consultancy, who had experienced such satisfaction with Konstruct’s expertise that OpsGuru felt confident we could meet their business needs. 

Initially hired to help OpsGuru with its SEO strategy, Konstruct quickly demonstrated our exceptional capabilities. Amidst organizational transitions, OpsGuru needed some temporary help with its social media. What was initially conceived as a short-term arrangement turned into an enduring partnership fueled by the remarkable results achieved by Konstruct’s social media initiatives.

Over a year later, Konstruct’s ongoing contributions to OpsGuru’s social media presence continue to yield outstanding outcomes, solidifying OpsGuru’s reputation as an authoritative and trusted source of knowledge and expertise in the cloud industry.

The Work


78,471 Impressions in One Year

By carefully curating and disseminating content that is not only informative but also engaging and relevant to the target audience, Konstruct successfully amplifies OpsGuru’s visibility on the platform. Konstruct’s approach ensures that OpsGuru’s cutting-edge solutions and insights consistently reach a wide and relevant audience, solidifying their stature in the industry and translating into increased brand awareness and more touchpoints for leads already in OpsGuru’s sales funnel. This feat underscores the power of a well-executed content strategy in boosting brand visibility.

35.5% Increase in LinkedIn Followers Year Over a Year

The impressive growth of OpsGuru’s LinkedIn audience is a testament to Konstruct’s success in capturing OpsGuru’s industry-leading cloud expertise while leveraging proven B2B social media best practices. Konstruct crafted a tailored content strategy that resonated deeply with the target audience, blending insightful, technically rich content with compelling storytelling and engagement techniques optimized for LinkedIn.

2,448 Engagements in One Year

Konstruct’s expertise in creating and curating content that appeals to both technically adept and business-savvy individuals played a pivotal role in this success. By focusing on delivering high-quality, relevant, and engaging content, we are able to drive engagement, which is an indicator of brand affinity.

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