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How the Global Energy Show Increased Average Monthly YouTube Views by 140%


Increase in YouTube views driven by organic search


Video views generated by paid and organic campaigns


Page views of repurposed video content


The Global Energy Show, North America’s leading energy event, partnered with Konstruct to boost brand awareness by maximizing the ROI of a YouTube video series focused on sharing innovation in the energy industry.

Thanks to Konstruct’s SEO and paid media efforts, dmg::events has seen the following results:

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The Goal:Fortify the Brand’s Positioning as the Industry’s Best Source of Innovation

The Global Energy Show is the largest B2B exhibition that engages those working in energy to share cutting-edge knowledge and fuel innovation in the industry.

As with any exhibition or conference, the event’s success depends on its ability to generate registrations. And, increasing registrations starts with boosting brand awareness and establishing trust and thought leadership with potential attendees.
The marketing team for the Global Energy Show knew that in order to be North America’s leading energy event, they needed their target audience to see the brand as the foremost source of the industry’s most innovative insights.

The Challenge:Getting the Most Out of Their Video Content Investment

A key strategy that the Global Energy Show’s marketing team implemented to drive brand awareness and reinforce the desired brand reputation was a series of YouTube videos called 5x5s. The series features different industry experts and the exciting and innovative ways their companies are impacting the energy sector.  

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the videos are insightful, interesting, and well-produced, the team struggled to get new eyes on their video content beyond their existing audience, resulting in limited ROI.

Due to a lack of in-house SEO and PPC expertise, they needed a digital marketing partner they could trust to help them increase the reach of the 5×5 videos with the right audience and also find ways to repurpose the video content to maximize ROI.

Why Global Energy Show Chose Konstruct

dmg::events, the parent company of the Global Energy Show, is a global business with offices in London and Dubai. However, the team responsible for the Global Energy Show is headquartered in Calgary, and they previously had difficulties working with vendors overseas.

The team at dmg::events knew that Konstruct was the perfect partner not only due to Konstruct’s close proximity but also because they felt Konstruct had both the care and expertise to be an extension of their existing marketing team.


Konstruct knew optimizing the YouTube video content was the first step to increasing video views. Konstruct’s SEO team implemented a YouTube SEO campaign, optimizing each video’s title and description to target high-value keywords and boost organic video views.

3,500+ Page Views of Repurposed Video Content

Konstruct repurposed the YouTube videos into articles by optimizing the video transcripts with relevant keywords, creating 30+ new SEO landing pages to drive more relevant top-of-funnel traffic to the Global Energy Show website.

81,648+ video views generated by paid and organic campaigns

In addition to the YouTube SEO efforts, Konstruct’s PPC team launched YouTube video ad campaigns that further increased YouTube video views. The ad campaigns targeted people with interests relevant to the topics of the 5×5 videos, ensuring that the increase in views was coming from the Global Energy Show’s target audience.

Boost Your Brand Awareness Like The Global Energy Show

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