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I cannot believe how fast TikTok is growing

A year ago today, I was still under the rule of thought TikTok was something for kids with no marketable value and it wasn’t worth my time. 

Fast forward to the present day; I’m hooked on the app, I’m even making TikTok’s of my own, and investigating how brands can leverage the platform as a part of their social strategy. 

It just goes to show, as a digital marketer, you always need to be curious and aware of the latest trends and opportunities.

Why TikTok Influencers are Valuable

One of the best ways to leverage TikTok to generate awareness is by sponsoring a post from one of the top TikTok stars in your niche. The beauty of TikTok influencers is that they create unique, fun, and engaging content that appeals to their audience in an authentic way. 

If your brand is targeting Gen Z’s, younger Millennials, or has a fun, youthful image, working with a TikTok influencer is a great option over working with an Instagram Influencer. 

Given that the standard post rate for an Instagram influencer is $100 for every 10,000 followers, TikTok influencers can be extremely valuable, seeing as they charge $500-$800 per post with an audience of 2.5 million followers comparatively. Talk about getting some real bang for your buck!

Brands like Specialized Bicycles, Sony, Universal, Hilton, Snapchat, and even Southern Cross University have started using TikTok influencer campaigns to build brand awareness and promote their products and services. We’re starting to see brands of all sizes using Influencers as a part of their TikTok strategy to reach their target market and generate brand awareness.  

TikTok Influencers to Watch

To give you a sense of the TikTok names out there that are working with brands and what they’re capable of, we’ve created an ongoing list for you to reference. We’ll update this list periodically based on relevance and who is making a big impact on the app. 

If you’re working on a TikTok marketing campaign or an influencer campaign, these will be some of the TikTok names you should know. We hope you find this helpful and enjoy some of the fun and engaging content!


Audience: 1 Million Followers

This is an interesting one! Mr. Yabatan is a Norwegian man that is a Japanese comedian. He travels around the world, making people laugh while speaking Japanese. No need to worry, you don’t need to speak Japanese to get a laugh from his videos, he has great subtitles in English on all of his content. With an audience of a million followers and content that has been liked 6 Million times, he’s definitely an influencer to watch!


Audience: 1 Million Followers

Josette Pimenta makes amazing dance clips and some really funny skits on Tiktok. One of her recent TikToks above has over a million views! She did a stunt where she got people passing by on the street to throw down some of their best dance moves. What’s really impressive is that her impressive dance moves and sense of humour have earned her a whopping 38 million likes. Don’t sleep on Josette!  


Audience: 2 Million Followers

This guy’s pranks are hilarious! The prank above inspired us here at Konstruct. No one’s computer screen is safe! Dominic has earned 2 million followers, thanks to his funny skits and pranks. He also collaborates with his girlfriend and fellow TikTok influencer, Josette Pimenta, as well. With 108 million likes on TikTok, Dominic is definitely an influencer to keep your eye on.


Audience: 1 Million Followers

Jamie AKA DJ Rangster is a young influencer that has done a great job putting a comedic twist on a lot of the TikTok trends that have emerged over the last year. He takes a sound or theme, then uses his sense of humour and a number of hilarious expressions to really give us a laugh. With a million followers and 30 million likes, he’s crushing it with his content! 


Audience: Over 350k Followers

This guy may not have a massive following, but his finger-snapping skills will blow your mind! We’ve never seen someone snap their fingers this fast before. He can keep up with fast drum solos and jumps around while he’s at it too. We’ve tried snapping as fast as we can, and we can’t even come close to his speed. Hire this guy for entertainment at your next company Christmas party!


Audience: 3 Million Followers

Sarati has been a professional dancer and model for over ten years. She makes TikToks of choreographed dances that are timed to songs that are popular on TikTok in that particular week. Some of her seasonal dances are awesome too! With over 3 million followers and 72 million likes, she is easily one of the biggest TikTok influencers.


Audience: 1 Million Followers

Here’s one for the gamers out there. Mully makes hilarious clips of him and his pals playing VR games and making funny skits out of memes and other TikTok trends. Check out their take of the whole “ok boomer” and Google home chain memes above. With a million followers and 34 million likes on TikTok, his content is definitely a smash hit in the gamer and comedy world. Some of his TikTok famous gamer friends are definitely worth checking out as well. 


Audience: Over 100k Followers

Nick is a carpenter that created a TikTok account for his business. Although he may not have a huge following, we think this is a great example of how smaller businesses could use TikTok to promote their brand! Nick’s cat, Titi, is absolutely hilarious. This cat will pass out and take a nap in some of the most ridiculous places and in some crazy positions. When Nick wakes up Titi, he meows and looks adorable. Nick ties in the cute cat vibes with Titi hanging around his woodshop and showcases what he is working on. With a million likes on his videos, this is definitely an account to watch! Titi and Nick are going to be famous.


Audience: Over 100k Followers

Once again, Mark Matthews may not have the biggest following on TikTok, but he’s taking an interesting approach to his content creation and growing quickly. Mark is a mountain biker and primarily shoots video in a landscape format for YouTube and Instagram. He just posts horizontal content as it is on TikTok! He only had 8k followers a few months ago. He’s been growing rapidly and proving that you don’t need to create vertical video to be successful on TikTok as long as you use a catchy song and still have stunning videos.  


Audience: 1 Million Followers

A YouTube famous professional scooter rider turned top TikTok star. Tanner’s daring stunts and lifestyle videos have earned him a massive following over the years. Seeing him backflip his scooter off of a curb tells us this guy definitely has the skills to pay the bills, and brands have taken notice. From his Hot Wheels collaboration where he sent 100 toy cars flying off an X Games sized mega ramp to jumping through the gullwing doors and cab of a Tesla into a pool. Tanner is an influencer that we can see working with more big brands in the future. With 11 million likes on his content, he’s got the metrics to prove his worth.

How to Select the Right TikTok Influencer for Your Brand

Although we’ve outlined some awesome influencers that we can see doing well in the future and taking an interesting approach to using TikTok, they may not be a good fit for your brand. 

TikTok influencers are a dime a dozen in this day and age. When running an influencer campaign, the most critical piece of the puzzle when creating an effective influencer campaign is choosing the right influencers. Although the influencers above caught our attention, they may not be a good fit for your brand.

Is the TikTok Influencer’s Content a Good Fit?

The first step is to see what kind of content the influencer is creating and ensure it is a good fit for your brand. There are thousands of talented people on TikTok, creating unique and meaningful content that their audience enjoys, but it won’t be of value to your business if it isn’t a fit for your brand. 

Think of it this way. A car manufacturer like Nissan wouldn’t get much value from collaborating with a young kid that does parkour even if they are TikTok famous, especially if the influencer’s audience consists of mainly other young children that also like parkour. In this case, Nissan would be better off working with someone that has a heavy influence in a car enthusiast niche like Alex Ankrom. 

Is the TikTok Influencer’s Audience Going to Purchase Your Stuff?

This leads us to the other half of the influencer equation. The second step in finding a good influencer to collaborate with is finding one with an audience that would purchase your products or services. 

Although an influencer’s content may be a good fit, maybe they have an audience that would not be a good fit for your product or service. With our Nissan example in mind, if the influencer’s audience is primarily too young to drive, it’s unlikely they will be purchasing a new vehicle anytime soon. 

You need to strike a balance between on-brand content that reaches a relevant audience here. If you keep these two pieces of criteria in mind when selecting influencers to work with, you’ll be setting up your next influencer marketing campaign for success! 

Konstruct can Help with Your TikTok Strategy

We love TikTok! We know that a TikTok marketing campaign using influencers isn’t going to be something that fits well with every brand’s social strategy, but for those looking to generate more brand awareness with Millennials and Gen Z’s, the app can be a powerful way to do so. If you’re interested in creating a TikTok strategy for your business and you’re wondering how to get started, we’d be happy to give you some guidance and help you further develop your business’ social media strategy. TikTok influencers for the win!

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