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In old western flicks, we used to hear the expression “He was talking when he should’ve been listening.” quite a bit. It usually implies that someone wasn’t listening to something important and it didn’t work out in their favour. The same can be said about social media and copywriting. If you’re trying to figure out what you should be delivering to your audience, maybe it’s time to start listening.

Going through chat logs, messages, comments, tweets, emails and whatever else to data mine exactly what your customers want can be a huge hassle. There can be hundreds of thousands of entries and only a limited number of human resources (you). Luckily for us, solutions exist to determine what people are talking about and what they want from us.

I present to you social listening tools. Social listening tools can pick up on certain keywords in all of this data and pull out the good stuff. They help you track keywords within conversations so you can figure out what your audience is talking about quickly. If you can see a reasonable number of people talking about something and the audience is there for it, boom! You know what kind of content to put out in order to keep your audience happy. This can be leveraged in so many ways too…

What to use Social Listening Tools for:

To take better care of your customers.

More and more people are turning to social media for customer care and customer service inquiries. That being said, there is going to be a lot of valuable data in the conversations you will have with your customers. You’ll be able to understand their struggles, their problems, their pain points, where they are confused, what they wish they could improve, etc. This is all critical data you can use to craft content and combat any of these negative outcomes.

To create more engaging content.

People know what they want to see! If you’ve been experimenting with different types of content and you’re unsure of what people like and don’t like, this will give you the answer. By tracking the right keywords and analyzing the results, you’ll easily be able to get a feel for what people like and what they can’t stand. This is a great way to win over your audience and prevent them from bailing on you.

To create a new marketing campaign.

Every now and again marketing campaigns can end up in a slump. As marketers, we need to see the signs of people getting bored of things and adapt. Social listening can be a great way to figure out what kind of content people want to see more of. Being able to strategically track keywords and determine which trends and topics are taking off with your audiences could help bring in all of that valuable engagement you’re trying to create. Social media trends this year seem to revolve around giving people what they want and when they want it. Some of the new technology available to us as marketers is absolutely invaluable in giving our audiences the content they want. Remember, if you’re looking to fine-tune your content and give your audience the kind of content that they want to engage with, Konstruct can help! We have years of experience creating content and coaching our clients to put out better content as well.

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Joey Reinhart

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Entrepreneur, social media marketer, web developer, cyclist, student, and volunteer. These are all titles that can be used to describe Joey. He has years of experience working with organizations of all different shapes and sizes to help achieve their social marketing goals. Joey has a vast skill set and is continually educating himself to stay on top of digital marketing trends.