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LinkedIn has rolled out some impressive new features with their new company pages that will help take your marketing campaigns and hiring practices to the next level. With over 590 million LinkedIn members and over 30 million company pages, it’s easy to see why LinkedIn is the biggest professional network on the web. These new features will make it easier for marketers and community managers to reach, engage and interact with professionals around the globe.

A New and Improved Mobile Interface.

The new mobile interface makes it easier for community managers to do their jobs. In previous years, marketers and community managers had to interact with their audience on LinkedIn with a desktop computer and had limited abilities to moderate the page on mobile.

Community managers are the face and voice of your page and play an integral role in interacting with your community. If they can’t reach out and interact with people in a timely manner, you could be losing out on valuable opportunities.

The improved mobile company pages interface gives them the ability to interact and engage with your audience from a mobile device. Community managers can now react and respond to questions or comments about your company anywhere and anytime from a mobile device. Marketers now have the opportunity to engage and interact with your audience in the moments when it matters the most. 

Know and Grow Your Audience.

The new LinkedIn pages now have #hashtag functionality. This means you are now able to listen in and respond to relevant conversations that are happening on LinkedIn in real time. In addition to the use of hashtags, you can now natively post photos, video, text, documents and PowerPoints on LinkedIn in order to enrich your content marketing strategy. This gives marketers a much better opportunity to tell the story of your brand.

To take things further and help you post more content, the new pages interface also has a content suggestion feature. You’ll never feel lost or waste time trying to find interesting and relevant content to share with your audience again. 

The feed for #partnersconnect.

Career Pages.

Possibly one of the best features that have been added to the new LinkedIn pages is the new Career pages. The career pages have two tabs – a life tab and a jobs tab. These two tabs inside the career pages give you the opportunity to engage your current employees and talent that you may potentially want to hire. This new interface creates an opportunity to give people a glimpse of what your company culture is like and what it’s like to work at your company.

The career pages, the life tab and jobs tab could revolution the way organizations go about their hiring practices. This is a great opportunity for both the potential employee and the employer to determine if someone will be a good fit within their organization.

A preview of SEMrush’s Career Page.

Engage Your People.

Your employees are your biggest advocates. That being said, we need to ensure we give them a platform to share why they believe in your organization and why they feel your customers should do business with them. The new LinkedIn Pages give you an opportunity to amplify the voices of your employees and use them to build stronger connections with your audience.

In the new pages update, companies now have the ability to share public posts from their employees to amplify their voices and give their audience another perspective of what makes your brand so amazing. In addition to sharing employee posts, LinkedIn company pages can now share any post they have been tagged in. This opens up the opportunity to share testimonials people have made about your brand, product reviews and other interesting content to make your brand stand out from the pack. 

You can now share content you have been tagged in.

Third Party Content Management Tools.

Hurrah! The day has finally come. Third-party content management tools are now integrated with the new LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn has gone the extra mile to improve it’s partner API’s to make integrations a cinch. Many marketing professionals use third-party tools to save time and manage content across multiple social media networks. LinkedIn can now be one of the networks being managed by those third-party tools with ease. This will make cross-posting content from one network to another with a Hootsuite integration quick and convenient.

Hootsuite’s Linkedin post scheduler.

To help deliver better metrics and understand how your page is performing, LinkedIn has partnered up with Crunchbase to deliver industry-leading insights and help you take your LinkedIn campaigns to the next level.

Crunchbase insights for Linkedin.

Well, there you have it! The new LinkedIn pages are providing some robust new features to help create more value for your business. Content marketing on LinkedIn used to be tedious and lacked a lot of creativity. Thanks to the latest updates, marketers, employees and organizations as a whole will be able to better utilize the platform and and engage with their target audience.

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