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Have you ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, what about video? A video is just a bunch of images stitched together. That being said, the number of words involved grows exponentially when you think about frame rates…

When it comes to telling the story of your brand; yes, pictures can be effective but they have limitations. Video is a more powerful medium of communication that can be used to take your brand to the next level. Statistics from last year show that 63% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. That’s a pretty significant number of businesses using video to their advantage.

In addition to this, there’s evidence to show that more businesses will be adopting video as a part of their brand strategy moving forward. It was determined that 82% of businesses would be spending more on video in 2017. The statistics are there to prove that video is picking up momentum and that it is here to stay.

So how can you use video to tell the story behind your brand, inform customers and generate leads? Easy! Here are some content ideas to help you get started.

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Vlogs or in other words, “Video Blogs” are a great way to engage your customers. Think of a blog post turned into a video. Basically, instead of typing this up right now, I should be recording a video of myself explaining how important I think videos are to businesses in this day and age.

Instructional Videos

Have a product or service you are trying to sell? Trying to teach your audience a new skill or how to do something? Instructional videos are the way to go! In these simple videos, you break down a new skill or process that you’re trying to teach the viewer into steps. Then you explain the steps in detail as you show the audience how to physically do what you’re trying to explain. Videos like this are extremely popular as they have a lot of watching and sharing value for your viewers. Give them something that will make them say “WOW! So that’s how you do that!”.


A great way to deliver value to your audience is to interview a person of interest. Just like the interviews you see on the news, interviewing someone that is knowledgeable about a given subject can result in valuable content that your audience will love. Find someone that your audience will want to watch and take notes from. Someone that would have expert advice is usually a good candidate for an interview. That being said, the interviewer needs to prepare questions to ask the person being interviewed. It’s important to craft the questions in a manner that will guide the interview and get the desired information out of it. Once you’ve got that out of the way, you can start the interview and make some awesome content.


Video Advertising can be a great way to catch the interest of potential customers. Think of a video advertisement like a TV commercial for the internet. TV Channels have broad demographics they appeal to, but video advertising online can be targeted at a more defined audience. YouTube is part of Google’s display network and can be utilized effectively to target keywords or certain customers just like AdWords. Video advertisements and YouTube ads generally have a similar form to TV commercials and can be crafted to speak to your unique audience. Catch your audience’s attention where it means the most!

The Culture of your Workplace

Want people to know who they’re working with and why they should work with you? Why not showcase the people that they will be working with and the culture of your workplace in a fun and creative way. Videos of team building activities and other fun things you do with your team are a great way to create extra video content for your video campaigns. Why not take the team out go-karting or for an after work beverage? It’s a team building activity and it makes for great video content. It’s your turn to show the world how great your team really is.

Although we’ve given you some ideas, the world is full of inspiring people that are innovating the use of video to promote their businesses everyday. Keep an eye out for any emerging trends and think of how you can adapt or apply the ideas to your own video campaigns. If you stay on top of it, there is no doubt that you’ll be using video to take your brand to the next level in no time at all. If you need someone to consult about using video in your next ad campaign, we’d be happy to hear your thoughts and help however we can.

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