How to Write Better Ad Copy

For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to give you a lesson on writing better Ad Copy! 👏⁣

Even though nailing the visual aspect of an ad is important, making the copy strike a balance ⚖️ between being short and to the point while also getting the key points across is critical. ⁣

Consideration 1)⁣
People like to skim 👀 through text. ⁣
Think of ways you organize the text in your ad so that people can get the main point and make them actually want to read more. People have the attention span of a goldfish, if something doesn’t grab their attention in three seconds, you’ve lost your opportunity to get them to read the whole thing. ⁣

Consideration 2) ⁣
People don’t want to read a wall 📖 of text! ⁣
What can you do to cut back that novel of an ad and deliver your messaging quickly and eloquently? Keep it quick and light to keep them reading.

Consideration 3) ⁣
Are you making an emotional connection with users? 🤔⁣
Get an understanding of the emotion you want to provoke with the ad and ensure that the messaging will resonate with your prospective audience. If your ad copy communicates this well, the user will be more likely to take the desired action from your ad.⁣

Regardless of what your ad is about, if you keep these three things in mind when creating ad copy, ✍️ you’ll be on your way to creating more compelling and effective ads for your marketing campaigns. ⁣

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