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Recently, I’ve been recruiting for our next hire, a digital strategist, and a candidate asked me, “What’s Konstruct’s company culture like?”

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to answer this question, but I found myself stumbling through my response, and it’s not because Konstruct doesn’t have a culture or that I don’t believe in the value.

It’s just that we’re constantly evolving, and our culture is unique. 

The cool thing about Konstruct Digital’s culture is that it kind of mimics the world we live in. 

Digital marketing constantly evolves, and like a Google algorithm, it refreshes, updates, and launches new things. 

So, bringing this back to the question of what Konstruct’s company culture is like, let me answer this question.

To me, Konstruct has a strong culture. Of course, I’m biased, but the truth in my response lies in our baseline beliefs. 

We believe in it. We value it. We dedicate time and resources to it. 

We talk about it. We observe it and reflect on it. 

Most importantly, we change things up and understand agency demands in the marketing world.

A collage of Konstruct Digital social events.

At the end of the day, we just want people to show up at their best. Yes, we have a culture club that plans events, and we recognize that people here at Konstruct genuinely love hanging out with each other. 

We have cool in-office games, including foosball, ping pong, and dart boards, and we recognize that it’s just sometimes fun to unleash and bring out your inner child.

We feed you, we have snacks all the time, and we provide lunch on Thursdays. 

We have a hybrid work environment.

Ultimately, at the heart of Konstruct’s culture is the people. 

It’s things that bring a smile to my face. It’s Hannah and her love of cats. It’s Matt and his unofficial book club. It’s the F1 banter on Slack. It’s our company awards ceremony. It’s kind of the makeup of the people. It’s the sub-team cultures. It’s the mini micro-cultures. It’s the company culture as a whole. But again, at the heart of it is the people. 

In true Konstruct fashion, I’d like to close with an analogy.

Understanding Konstruct Digital’s culture is like tasting a new recipe. You can read the ingredients and hear about the flavours, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to savour the dish. So there’s no way around it. It’s the only way to fully appreciate the unique blend that is Konstruct.

If you’d like to join the KTeam and experience the Konstruct culture for yourself, check our Careers page for our current openings.

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Denise Ebata

Operations Director

When we asked Denise about the best part of her job, her answer was so awesome we can’t help but quote her directly. She said, “ I love being a part of a brand’s journey and hearing the stories that help shape who they were, who they are now, and who they want to become.”