Why You Should Check Hashtag Volumes on Instagram

Have you looked at a hashtag and noticed the number of posts using it?

If so, you’ll notice that some popular tags have upwards of a million posts on each tag.

Now, what importance do hashtag volumes have when it comes to your hashtag strategy?

Think of it this way, there are two places where your posts will be seen on a hashtag. The “Top Posts” section and the “Recent” section.

The Recent section is a chronological feed of the posts that are using that particular hashtag. Even though every post appears there, your post won’t be seen for long on a larger tag. It will be flooded out in no time by the sheer amount of content being posted.

On the other hand, the top posts section displays some of the best performing content on that tag. If your post isn’t going to be able to compete based on the size of your account, you’re going to have a hard time earning a place in the top posts section.

With that in mind, you want to pick tags that have a smaller number of posts in total, and ones that you will be able to earn a spot on the Top Posts category for. If you have less than a thousand followers, we’d recommend using tags with less than 100k total posts.

Many of the larger tags only garner engagement from bot accounts anyways. Ask yourself: “What’s a smaller tag in my niche that real people will be looking at?“. These are the kind of tags you want to earn a top spot on! For example, instead of using a tag with millions of posts like #socialmedia, try using something smaller like #socialmediamarketing tips.

By doing this, you’re going to maximize the amount of exposure your post will get with each hashtag. This is by far the most effective way to create a winning hashtag strategy and generate more exposure on Instagram for your brand.

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