Updates to The Google Ads Change History Report

For those of you that manage Google Ads campaigns, we’re sure you can relate to this! ⁣

Picture this 🤔:⁣
You’re managing a large scale ad account. We’re talking hundreds of dollars being spent each day! ⁣

You make some simple changes to some of your campaigns that you think will benefit them. You wait to see what happens, and all of a sudden your campaigns are underperforming. 😱 Yikes!⁣

You start to rack your brain to figure out what is going wrong and what changes caused this mess. 🙇 “Where could I have possibly screwed this up!?”. ⁣

It takes hours of investigation 🔎 to determine what went wrong and get everything back on track. You’re relieved, but that was a lot of stress! Many people that manage ads have often wondered “Why doesn’t the change history report show what was changed on a particular day?”. ⁣

With the recent updates to the Google Ads change history report, you can now see what changes were made on a particular day 📆 and the impact it had on your campaigns.⁣

This new feature will help you fix possible mistakes and get your ad campaigns back on track in no time. ⁣

Thank you, Google! 🙏⁣

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