Top 5 Facebook Ads Tips From Our PPC Specialist

Facebook claims that they can reach 2.14 billion people through their ads?! 😲 If you aren’t using Facebook ads, this is your sign to start NOW! 

Our PPC Specialist, Alicia Engbers, compiled her top 5 exclusive Facebook ads tips that will help your business grow! ⬇️

1️⃣ Targeting → Never target a remarketing audience and a lookalike or interest based audience in the same campaign. This can confuse Facebook when trying to optimize campaigns and deliver the ads to the right audience. 🎯 

2️⃣ Placements → Never use the automatic placement default! Change your placements to manual and select ones that will be most valuable to helping you reach your audience. 📍

3️⃣ Optimizing for ad delivery → When you set up an ad, choose an objective that makes sense for your campaign goals. If your goal is to have more users visiting your website, consider changing from link clicks to landing page views. 

4️⃣ Creative → Customize each creative and ad copy for your audience. Make sure that a user isn’t being remarketed with the same creative that you introduced them with.✨

5️⃣ Ad Journey → Create a funnel with your campaigns! Organize the first ad you want a user to see and every ad after that. Make sure you think about what action you want the user to take at each level and your final goal. Some journeys may only be two campaigns, and some may be 4! 

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