TikTok hits 1.5 Billion Downloads

TikTok has hit 1.5 Billion Downloads! 🔥

For reference, that means roughly 20% of the world’s 🌏 population is on TikTok!

This makes TikTok the third most downloaded social media app in the Google Play and Apple App store behind WhatsApp and Messenger. 😱

The app has been downloaded 239 million more times than Instagram this year. So if you’re not on TikTok or considering it as a part of your social strategy, you should be. 😳

Although the demographics using the app are still primarily Gen Z’s, there has been an influx of Millennials and Gen X’s starting to use the app as well. 🙌

This is a newer platform that still has a ton of room to organically grow your audience (unlike the Facebook family of social apps). TikTok could be a great opportunity for you to grow your brand’s social presence. 🔥

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