The Fall of Clubhouse & The Rise of Clubhouse Clones

In February 2021, Clubhouse had around 10 million active users on its platform. Now, it has hit a deadly ☠️ 90% decrease in downloads…

But does that mean Clubhouse is officially dead 🪦…? Not quite. 

Although Clubhouse is not seeing a high rate of active users, their “live audio room” idea caught on and is still catching on with other social platforms. 👇

This Clubhouse-like feature has been popping up on many more platforms, which we see with Twitter’s Spaces, Spotify’s Greenroom, and Facebook’s live audio rooms—where they are paying celebrities up to 50k to host a room 😬.

Now, LinkedIn is joining the Clubhouse bandwagon 👀!

This month, LinkedIn is rolling out a new update where users can host and listen to live events, including live audio-only events. 

If you’re wondering whether your company should jump on the live audio bandwagon, our verdict is to keep waiting it out… Live audio rooms took off in the beginning because of their novelty but the fall of Clubhouse could be an indication that the trend itself is dying too. 🤷‍♂️

You wouldn’t want to spend a ton of time on a new strategy that is already nearing its deathbed. 😵

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