The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Black Friday

With the ULTIMATE sale season coming up, it’s time to prepare your ✨ Black Friday ✨ strategies!

Black Friday has become the biggest shopping day of the year, in-store and online. In 2019, 93.2 million buyers were shopping online on Black Friday! (SMN)

Let’s take a look at 7 marketing strategies you must incorporate this upcoming season to succeed: 

1️⃣ Increase order value by offering free shipping or providing a discount for higher purchase orders. 👆

2️⃣ Ensure your site is mobile-friendly. You can test your mobile site with Google’s mobile-friendly test: 📱

3️⃣ Rescue abandoned carts. One great way to help encourage people to a complete purchase is through retargeting ads. 🛒

4️⃣ Create strong social content. Take advantage of your social media platforms to start planting seeds in people’s brains through strong social posts. 💪

5️⃣ Create a sense of urgency with countdowns and compelling language that will entice your customers. ‼️

6️⃣ Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletters or emails leading up to Black Friday. 📬

7️⃣ Above all – Start your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing now! 👍

At Konstruct, we are creating compelling campaigns for our clients so that they can succeed on Black Friday!

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