Stat: 42% of Google Searches are “No-Click”

Marketers and search engines have long had an unspoken pact: by allowing search engines like Google to index your content, you would be awarded with search rankings, search features in results pages, and more traffic as a result.

With some of the recent updates and the new style of featured snippets, the information users are looking for is being displayed directly in search results.

From a digital marketing standpoint, this is not necessarily a good trend. Studies show that 49% of Google searches are now “no-click”. This means that users do not visit a website after making a search. If users aren’t visiting websites after making a search, it could be costing your businesses a significant amount of valuable web traffic.

In most instances, the people viewing the featured snippets are not likely to convert. Google is no longer giving businesses an opportunity to engage with users in return for the content they have created. This is a violation of the long standing implied contract between Google and the websites that appear in its search results.

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