Social Media Platforms & Their Own Social Media Accounts

We’re rating social media platforms based on their OWN social media accounts…😳

👉 Instagram: Instagram’s feed is what you may expect. They promote successful influencers and animals. Yup, they have a weekly post called #WeeklyFluff that highlights pet influencers. 🐶 

Our rating 👇

4️⃣/5️⃣ – We like the idea of promoting hard-working users, especially hard-working animals. BUT…we wish they included hashtags in their posts! 😢

👉 Twitter: Twitter’s feed is full of relatable, trendy and timely references or comments. It is simple and casual yet engaging and hilarious. 

Our rating 👇

5️⃣/5️⃣: Honestly, we follow Twitter. As a social account with 60.3 Million followers, we feel they don’t get enough credit for their posts. Overall, we love their simplistic creativity! 

⭐️ Facebook: Facebook’s strategy is embracing holidays and sharing current updates for Facebook or Instagram. 

Our rating 👇

2️⃣/5️⃣ – To be honest, we expected more from one of the leading social platforms. Overall, we appreciate their ability to stay current with the new trends and holidays, but their feed is boring. We love Facebook, but that’s just the #HarshTruth. 😳

👉 LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s feed promotes healthy work environments, shares success stories from businesses and promotes engagement on their social posts. 

Our rating 👇

5️⃣/5️⃣  The balance between promoting their platform and promoting the importance of wellbeing makes LinkedIn a top competitor for us. Their content is relatable, minimalistic and genuinely makes us feel like they care. 👏

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