Snapchat Expands Bitmoji Clothing Options

What brand name is your Bitmoji wearing? 🤔

Bitmoji fashion is the PERFECT example of how AR is slowly taking over the digital marketing landscape!

The concept of Bitmoji fashion is pretty intriguing in a digital marketing sense. Around 70% of Snapchat users regularly engage via their Bitmoji character. 🤯 When those Bitmojis are wearing brand names, that works out to some big exposure for the Bitmoji affiliated brands.

Here’s some food for thought: If you think of Bitmojis as the virtual extensions of our physical selves, Bitmoji fashion acts as a unique vehicle for brand affiliation. Users select their Bitmoji fashion to express a vision of themselves that they wish others to project to others. 

Now, you may be thinking: “My Bitmoji has been decked out in Adidas for months! What else is new?” 

Snapchat is looking to expand Bitmoji clothing options in an effort to shift into eCommerce and maximize revenue potential. This could be especially interesting if users are able to purchase the real-world items that their Bitmojis wear. 

While this form of digital marketing may be out of reach for the vast majority of eCommerce brands, it’s an interesting example of the future of the industry. Are there unique way you could incorporate AR in your digital marketing strategy? It’s worth a thought!




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