Should You Optimize Your Content for Voice Search?

Time for a digital hype check! should you be optimizing content for voice search?

In 2018 voice search optimization was a major hot topic for digital marketers, and as always it was a challenge to cut through the hype and determine if this was something that would deliver actual ROI for your business. Well, we’ve taken a look at the latest data regarding voice search utilization, and the answer is… maybe.

A recent study shows how often users of different age groups are actually using voice search. The majority of respondents under 21 and over 65 are using voice search at least once per day. There are mixed results within the age ranges in-between as those respondents indicated that they have privacy concerns regarding the usage of voice search devices.

With that in mind, based on the respondents of this survey, if your target audience consists of users under 21 or over 65, optimizing your content for voice search is possibly something you should consider. Otherwise, your efforts would be better spent on more established digital marketing practices.

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