Introducing Google’s Shoploop: A New Way to Shop Online

Is snackable video content the future of e-commerce marketing? Google seems to think so!

Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator, is experimenting with a new shopping platform called Shoploop. The platform features short TikTok-like videos that are meant to promote products in an entertaining and easily digestible way. Google says the new platform will help people discover, evaluate, and buy products all in one place instead of flipping between social media apps and e-commerce sites. 

Currently, the platform is focused on the beauty industry, but we could see Google expanding Shoploop in different industries if the platform proves to be successful. 

We’re curious to see if the Shoploop platform gains any traction. Typically, users go to their favourite social media platform to browse entertaining content. Product features/ads are just one of the many aspects of the browsing experience. With Shoploop, users must feel compelled to specifically seek out promotional content. 

While we’re still not convinced that this is the best way to promote your e-commerce products, we’re excited to see how this plays out! Video content is definitely one of the most engaging forms of digital content. At this point, we recommend investing in video content on your existing social platforms instead of diving into Shoploop.




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