Shopify and Mailchimp have Rekindled Their Romance!

True love IS possible! 💕 Mailchimp and Shopify have rekindled their romance, right in time for peak shopping season… 🛍️

You may remember that in 2019, Mailchimp and Shopify called it quits and ended their partnership after Shopify raised concerns about the user experience on Mailchimp’s app. 💔

Now that they’re back together, you can finally connect your Shopify store to your Mailchimp audience! 🤝

Thanks to their rekindled romance, you can now:

🐵 Send reminder emails to your Shopify customers about their abandoned carts.
🙈 Recapture your Shopify visitors’ attention with new email promotions.
🙉 Follow up with your Shopify customers after their purchase with personalized recommendations.
🙊 Organize your customers all on ONE platform!

Well… If this doesn’t make you believe in true love, we don’t know what will! ❤️‍🩹

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