See Your Website Through Google’s Eyes

For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to go over how Googlebot 🤖 sees your website when crawling the web and some tools you can use to help optimize your website and Javascript elements for SEO!⁣

Before we get too carried away, it’s important to understand that Googlebot processes Javascript in 3️⃣ three main phases: crawling, rendering, and indexing. ⁣

Crawling the URL and parsing the HTML works well for simpler websites where the initial HTTP response 👍 contains all of the page content. ⁣

However, some Javascript sites use the app shell model where the initial HTML rendering doesn’t contain the actual content. In these cases, Googlebot needs to execute Javascript before it can 👀 see the actual page content that will be generated by Javascript. ⁣

For cases like this, there’s a neat tool called “What Would Javascript Do” to help you see what Googlebot sees before rendering Javascript on your website! ⁣

Use this tool to ensure that you’ve included all of the most important page content in the initial HTML rendering ✅ of your page so it can be indexed by Google. It’s quite literally, how Googlebot sees your page before rendering! ⁣

Remember, if Javascript takes too long ⏳ to render and slows down the process, it could negatively affect your crawl budget. Consider server-side rendering or pre-rendering to speed things up! ⁣

This is a very brief overview of what involved with the crawling, rendering, and indexing process. We could go on for hours! For all of your development and SEO needs, Konstruct Digital is here to help. ⁣

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