Reflecting on Our 2020 Social Media Predictions

For those of you that have been following the Konstruct blog, you may remember the roundup article we made with our social media predictions for 2020 🤔 (

Many of these predictions were based on emerging trends 📊 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have made a few observations about how things are starting to play out. Here’s an update:

1️⃣ COVID-19 has affected social media user behaviour to some extent. People spent more time on social and this impacted both organic and paid social campaigns. 📈 With brands cutting their paid ad spend, CPC’s dropped from a lower demand for paid ads on Facebook. With fewer paid ads, marketers observed an increase in the performance of their organic content as well!

2️⃣ Social commerce lives! 🛒 Now that we have Facebook and Instagram “Shops,” users can browse through your products and make a purchase directly on social media. It’ll be interesting to see if cutting out a few steps in the buyer journey will improve conversion rates.

3️⃣ Social is well on its way to being the primary customer service tool. With the introduction of anonymous Facebook Messenger chat, 👤 it is now frictionless for customers to ask questions and get help. Customers will be reaching out to Facebook Business pages and Messenger based website chat widgets more than ever. 

4️⃣ TikTok has reached new heights. 📈 As of Q2 2020, TikTok has hit 2 Billion Downloads, making it one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of the gang are shaking in their boots yet? 

That’s all for now! We’re looking forward to seeing how things play out in the rest of the year. 🙌

What do you think the next big thing in the world of social media will be? 

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