5 Tips for Improving Your Organic Click-Through Rates

So, your content ranks on page 1 of Google – Gold star for you! 🌟But why does your organic click-through rate still suck? 

If nobody is clicking on your content, your search ranking is basically a vanity metric! 

What good is a high search ranking if you don’t have the traffic to show for it? 🤷‍♂️

To help solve this conundrum, we asked our Digital Strategist, Tryphena to share her top 5 tips for improving organic click-through rates! 🙌

Here’s what she had to say: 

1️⃣ “Optimize your content based on your target keywords to improve your search ranking. Higher search ranking = higher CTRs!”

Warning ⚠️: Avoid keyword cannibalization (when multiple pages are optimized for the same keyword)

2️⃣ “Create eye-catching titles that include your target keyword. Bonus points if you use numbers and brackets!”

3️⃣ “Write engaging & descriptive meta descriptions. Aim for 120 characters max. and use power words when you can!”

4️⃣ “Use descriptive & concise URLs that include your target keyword.” 

5️⃣ “Make your audience priority #1 and search engines priority #2.”

It’s never too late to start improving your site’s organic CTR! Which of these tips will you implement first? Let us know in the comments.👇




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