How to Optimize Blog Posts for Google’s Featured Snippets

Google’s featured snippets are summarized answers to a user’s query and they’re displayed on top of Google’s organic results. This means that blog posts with a lower search ranking could appear above the content in the #1 spot! 

Google typically chooses content from one of the top 5 search results to feature in a featured snippet. If your content ranks #2 – #5, you have a chance to get ahead of the competition!  

Here’s how to optimize your existing blog content for featured snippets: 

1. Check to see if there’s already a featured snippet for the keyword that your content is ranking for. If not, keep checking back! Google is constantly adding new featured snippets.

2. Ensure that your content answers a query (Who? What? Why? How?) in a simple, concise format such as a list or short paragraph.

3.  If the current featured snippet is a list, add a list to your content with clearly labelled headers. Format matters! If you’re using a numbered list, use periods rather than parentheses after your numbers.

4.  If the current featured snippet is a paragraph, add a short paragraph (fewer than 50 words) answering your target query in a modular above your post.

5. Try to improve the content that is currently featured in the featured snippet 

6. Submit your URL to Google so that it will be re-crawled after you’ve optimized your content.  

Securing the featured snippet spot can majorly increase your click-through rate (CTR) and revenue! It’s well worth your time to optimize your existing blog posts to try to earn the featured snippet spot and beat your #1 competitor.

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