Online Reviews Are About to Get More Trustworthy

Have you ever bought something online that just did not live up to the hype? 😭

Maybe it didn’t work as advertised, or it didn’t work at all.

It’s possible you were the victim of a fake review. 🥸

Whether it’s a written endorsement on a website or an offhand suggestion from an influencer, fake reviews are everywhere! Luckily, something’s finally being done about it. 🎉

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is cracking down on over 700 companies who have used or supported the use of fake reviews and ads to promote their products on the internet.

That’s a big no-no 🙅

They’re going after everyone, even companies at the 🔝. 

Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix were some of the corporations that were warned. If they don’t comply, they’ll face fines up to $43,792 PER VIOLATION! 😮 

Even for some of the biggest companies in the world, that’s gonna leave a mark 🤕

This will hopefully improve the user experience when shopping online and reduce the risk of customers falling for fake reviews. 

Real customer reviews are one of the most powerful sales tools available. The #1 way to increase the number of reviews you receive is just to ask! Customers who are fully satisfied with your product are usually happy to help you out with a positive review. 

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