New Speed Report in Search Console

It’s a Webmaster and SEO’s dream come true. Google has released the Search Console Speed Report to the public!

Located under the “Enhancements” section of Google Search Console, this new reporting tool will help Webmasters and SEOs find parts of websites that have speed performance issues. From the report, you can start to diagnose and address issues that are slowing down your page loading times.

Page speed is an important ranking factor in Google Search results and also an important part of customer experience when it comes to driving conversions on your website.

This tool will be invaluable in optimizing your website to generate more leads and make more sales for your business!

At Konstruct Digital, we stay on top of all of the latest developments in Google search and website optimization so we can help you explode your sales and grow your business. If you need some help optimizing your website’s load times, we can help!

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