Meet Shalinda, Our New PPC Specialist

Shalinda is a big-time Potterhead (AKA Harry Potter fan for all of you muggles out there). 

Although Shalinda is merely human in our world, he’s a real wizard in the PPC world 🧙.

Some other fun facts about Shalinda include: 

👉 He loves making and eating rice and curry. 🍚

👉 He has two beagles back home in Sri Lanka that he loves and misses dearly! 🐶

👉 He’s a teacher at heart and loves to share info with others, whether he’s sharing a great new resource on our Slack channels or a fun fact about the price of Oreo’s in Sri Lanka. 📢

We’re excited to see all the stellar high-converting ad campaigns that Shalinda will produce for our clients! 

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