Meet the Interns!

I’m Arianna (you can call me Ari!), and I’m going to introduce you to the new Content & Social Media Interns (one of which is me!) â­

Meeha and I are so excited to be working for Konstruct Digital! We love working in the ever-changing digital marketing world because you never know what’s going to happen next! âœ¨

Get to know us better ðŸ˜Š :

Fun facts about Meeha: 

1️⃣ She loves photography and capturing unforgettable moments for her friends and family. ðŸ“¸

2️⃣ Fall is her favourite season; you can catch her wearing her favourite sweaters while drinking a PSL (pumpkin spiced latte)! 🎃

3️⃣ She is a huge believer in the law of attraction! 💫

Fun facts about Arianna (me!): 

1️⃣ I went to Vancouver Film School for Film Production. 🎥

2️⃣ My favourite genre of films is thriller/horror (my favourite movie of all time is The Silence of the Lambs…Ugh!! So good!!) 🧟

3️⃣ I love to travel. My next destination will hopefully be Sweden to enjoy the architecture and go to the ABBA museum! ✈️

Thanks for learning more about us! We’re excited for you to see our diverse knowledge and eye for aesthetic details shine through as the content creator interns. 

Stay tuned to see us work our magic! ðŸª„

P.S. We’re hiring! Check out our current job openings 👍.

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