Local Justifications: The Devil in the Details You’ve Been Ignoring

We all know the saying “The devil is in the details”  😈… which is probably why they are often overlooked. But, one detail you definitely shouldn’t overlook is local justifications.

It’s okay, we know you probably haven’t heard of them but that’s why we’re here. 

Local justifications are an extra snippet of text that Google displays to help signal searchers that there is a specific match between their query and the results. (Looking a little familiar now?)

So how do you influence them? 

✅ Review Justifications: Finesse your review requests to prompt customers to discuss specific, longer-tail aspects of what the business provides.

⌨️Website Justifications: Play with optimizing your GMB landing page with a term you’d especially like to see highlighted as a justification.

📝Post Justifications: Incorporate long-tailed keyword can help you win these little eye-catch justifications.

👍Service Justifications: These are pulled straight from the Services section of your Google My Business dashboard.

Okay, but why should YOU care about local justifications?

That’s simple. 

When you have good visibility in local packs, local finders and Maps, you stand out from the rest of the competition. You clearly signal to potential customers you are THE business that can help them with whatever they need.

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