LinkedIn Stories Coming Soon!

We’ve been preaching 🎤 the idea of B2B marketing becoming more like B2C for the last two years. Many parts of the B2B buyer journey from how decision-makers research options, to how they make a purchase are becoming like B2C interactions.⠀

It seems like LinkedIn has taken note of this theory and they have begun testing 👩‍🔬 some ephemeral content with a feature that is similar to Instagram’s Stories feature. They have confirmed it will be rolled out to all LinkedIn users soon!⠀

It seems like LinkedIn is really mimicking what Facebook and Instagram are doing to emulate 📑 their user experience. First with ad extensions and lead generation ads like Facebook, then with the revamped company pages.⠀

At the end of the day – it seems like they’ve realized there is no reason to re-invent the wheel on social when something already works well ✅ for other social networks.⠀

We’re curious to see what the future holds for LinkedIn and how some of the B2B brands out there will use the new stories feature as a part of their social strategy! ⠀

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