Linkedin Launches New Product Pages

Are you dreaming about a space where your customers can come together and share experiences and questions about your products? 💭 Today is your lucky day! 

Linkedin just launched new Product Pages (and we’re pretty stoked about it!) These pages are meant to help you build a community around your products. With the focus on your products, you’ll be able to nurture conversation, generate leads, and build brand affinity. 🤯

Linkedin Product pages include these exciting features: 

  1. A custom call-to-action button to help you generate leads 
  2. Ratings and reviews from current users 
  3. A section for rich media, including videos, product screenshots, and more
  4. A featured customer section to help you build social proof 

At this time, Product Pages are only available for B2B software companies, but Linkedin plans to add more industries soon!

Interestingly, you cannot add these pages yourself. 🤔 Linkedin will add the product pages for you, including your product names and categories. This is supposed to help LinkedIn ensure that product listings are accurate and relevant.




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