#KTeam Feature: Valerie Sergienko

For this instalment of our weekly #KTeam features, we would like to introduce our incredible client account manager, Valerie Sergienko! 👏⁣

Valerie holds the office record for excessive use of the word “sexy” in a content meeting. A fitness fanatic 💪 fueled by coffee and digital marketing passion, Valerie burns off her excess energy through savagely aggressive typing and impromptu in-office dance routines. 💃⁣

Her unbeatable combo of digital marketing strategy and relentless optimism 😎 means that she knows how to get things done, and won’t let anything stand in way of her creating value for her clients.⁣

Outside of work, Valerie loves going to the gym, spending time with her daughter, and visiting the coolest destinations in the city. 🙌 Val is one of those awesome humans that always lifts the mood in the office with her energy and keeps the team motivated to crush it!⁣

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