Keyword Refinement in Google Keyword Planner

Any SEO can attest to this. Although Google’s Keyword Planner provides incredible insights 📊 as to which keywords you should be using, it can be hard to sort through at times. ⠀

The new “Refine Keywords” 🔍 feature is going to be a saviour for keywords with a lot of similar results and variations. ⠀

This feature will enable users to group together ideas based on product or service attributes like colour, size, and more. 🙌⠀

As an example, let’s pretend we’re looking for results related to “dry skin.” 🤔 Previously, you would have had a massive list of results to pick through and select the desired keywords. ⠀

With this new feature, you can filter the results based on attributes to include or remove keywords related to dry skin like ‘face cream for dry skin’ or ‘best winter face cream’. 🤑⠀

This feature is in beta testing and it is unclear who currently has access to it. We have it, and really like it! We hope this is something that sticks around as it will make keyword research much more efficient. 🙏⠀

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