Interact With Your Target Market to Build Engagement on Instagram

With the latest Instagram Algorithm update, many accounts are experiencing a significant drop in engagement. For #TipTuesday this week, we’re going to show you how to beat the algorithm.

We can no longer rely on posting alone to help us build our following and attract targeted users to our page. To get around this, we need to interact with people and encourage them to check us out!

First, we need to get into the minds of our customers. Think critically, which hashtags are your customers looking at? This is where we want to want to interact with them.

As an example, we’d be looking at a tag like #calgarybusinessowners. It’s a niche tag that business owners are using. That’s where our customers come from! We suggest using tags with less than 100k posts.

Scroll through the hashtag feed, like the posts you see on that tag, and leave some meaningful comments. Make sure they’re relevant and add value to the post! You want to sound sincere.

Set a timer.
If you do this for 10 minutes a day, you will see an increase in engagement and new followers coming in.

This is how you can beat the Instagram algorithm and improve your organic reach. If you want to generate leads with your Instagram campaigns, this is the best way to find new customers!

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