Keyword Optimize Your Captions! New Instagram Keyword Search Function

What’s for breakfast? 🥞🍳🍎 Instagram is serving up a search update that allows users to use keywords to search for Instagram content!

Type “breakfast ideas” into your Instagram search bar to see the new update in action! Previously, you could only search for names, usernames, hashtags, and locations. Now you’ll be able to use specific search terms like “waffles”, “bacon”, “or “eggs benny”, and Instagram will show you all the posts that include those exact words in their captions! 

Hungry to learn what this update means for marketers? It may be valuable to do some keyword research before writing your Instagram captions! When writing your Insatgram captions, we recommend finding trending keywords in your niche to incorporate in the copy.

Keep in mind that keyword searches will be “limited to general interest topics and keywords.” Make sure you do a quick Instagram search to see if your niche topics are searchable before investing too much time!




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