Instagram Explains Their Explore Page Algorithm

For years, marketers have been chasing the goal of getting their content onto the infamous Instagram “Explore Page”. 😱

As most of you know, the explore page is a featured group of high performing content on the app that often gets seen by millions of users everyday. 👀

Last week, Instagram shared details about how content ends up on the explore page for the first time! They explained that the algorithm actually uses AI to determine what to present to a user. 🤖

They put a heavy emphasis on the fact that the content featured on the explore page was from accounts that a user may find interesting. 😮

It determines this with a process called “Word Embedding”. Word embedding systems study the order in which words appear in text to measure how related they are to each other. Ie: “Digital” often appears alongside “Marketing”. 🤓

Note: Instagram isn’t being completely clear and transparent about their processes here. They do not want to give away the secret behind their algorithm in order to stop the spread of spam and misinformation. 🤐

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