What Size Should Your Content on Instagram be?

Instagram can be a real headache when it comes to content creation. With so many different content formats, it’s tough to remember what size everything needs to be.

1) Square photos
This is the easiest and most common post format for Instagram. If you create content that is 1080 px x 1080 px it looks good everywhere! It fits in your profile grid, it looks good in the feed and best of all, it’s simple.

2) Portrait photos
Instagram favours vertical content. They give you a ton of space to work with, you might as well use it! You can create content that is 1080 px wide by 1350 px tall to fill up an entire phone screen as your followers scroll through their feed.

3) Horizontal photos
If you’re posting something that is wider than it is tall, your best bet is to make it 1920 px wide by 1080 px tall. This will ensure that you get the widest aspect ratio possible and you can showcase that wide image in all of it’s glory!

4) Instagram Stories
Instagram stories use a vertical aspect ratio. If you want to make something in advance instead of using a fun filter or shooting a live video, your best bet is to create content that is 1080 px wide by 1920 px tall.

5) IGTV Video
IGTV is Instagram’s way of making vertical video content cool again. We have seen a ton of brands get creative with this and create unique content to engage their followers. Content for IGTV is similar to Instagram stories. Videos should be 1080 px wide by 1920 px tall, a from 15 seconds to 10 minutes long, and under 650mb in size.

There you have it! Here is our complete guide to Instagram content. Get out there and get creative with it.

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