How to Run an Instagram Follows Campaign

With Facebook Ads, there is an option to run a “Page Likes” 👍campaign, but there is no such thing as an Instagram “Page Follows” ➕ campaign. ⁣

For #TipTuesday this week, we’ve got a workaround to create a page follows campaign! ⁣

To do this effectively, we want to target people that have interacted 📲 with our brand before so that they know who we are. To do this: 👇👇👇⁣

1) Go to Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager.⁣
2) Create a custom audience.⁣
3) Click Instagram Business Profile.⁣
4) Choose your Instagram Profile and select everyone who engaged with your business in the last 90 days. This time window may need some fine-tuning to create a good audience size.⁣

Now it’s time to create a campaign! 🙌⁣
1) Create a traffic campaign with the custom audience you created.⁣
2) Get rid of all of the ad placements except the Instagram feed and stories.⁣
3) Enter your Instagram profile URL as the destination. ⁣
4) Use a compelling image and caption like “Follow Konstruct Digital for Awesome Digital Marketing Tips!” then add whatever additional info you want.⁣

Once you’re done, ✅ you’re clear to run the campaign! ⁣

As another quick tip, optimizing your Instagram profile description 📝 can go a long way. Think, what do you want users to do when they land on your profile? In this case, having a clear CTA to follow you will lead to more new followers. 💯⁣

That’s all for now! Konstruct Digital is here to help with all of your Digital Marketing needs. ⁣

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